Microsoft appoints new Windows and Surface chief

I wanted to share an update from the Windows and Web Experience (WWE) team following last week’s announcement and creation of the Microsoft AI organization.

Mikhail Parakhin decided to explore new roles. Satya and I are grateful for Mikhail’s contributions and leadership and for everything he has done to help Microsoft lead the new wave of artificial intelligence. He will report to Kevin Scott while supporting the WWE transition.

As part of this change, we are merging the Windows Experience and Windows + Devices teams into a core part of the Experience + Devices (E+D) group. This will enable us to take a holistic approach to building chips, systems and experiences, and devices for this AI era across Windows clients and the cloud. Pavan Davuluri will lead this team and continue to report to me. Shilpa Ranganathan and Jeff Johnson and their teams will report directly to Pavan. The Windows team will continue to work on artificial intelligence, chips, and experiences with the Microsoft AI team.

The Web Experience team will report to Mustafa in the new Microsoft AI organization.

Jordi Ribas will lead Search, Maps and Platforms, with Andrey Proskurin, Fatima Kardar and Nick Lee reporting to him.

Rukmini Iyer will lead the advertising department, with Paul Viola and Tu Weiqing reporting to her.

Mike Davidson continues to lead design and will work with Pavan and the team on how to refocus the Windows design.

Ali Akgun, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, Qi Zhu and Rajesh Sundaram, whose roles remain unchanged, will join Jordi, Mike and Rukmini on the Microsoft AI leadership team, all reporting to Mustafa.

We’re excited to have this team help Microsoft AI realize its ambition to build world-class consumer AI products. I very much look forward to working closely with Mustafa and the team to promote AI products, including Copilot, to a wider range of areas. Our E+D products and services.



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