Meta disbands Responsible AI team

According to reports, Meta has disbanded its Responsible AI (RAI) team as it devotes more resources to generating artificial intelligence. information Break the news Today, citing an internal post it saw.

According to the report, most RAI members will be transferred to the company’s generative AI product team, while other members will work on Meta’s AI infrastructure.The company has frequently expressed its desire to develop AI responsibly, even There is a page Committed to delivering on this promise, the company laid out the “pillars of responsible AI,” including accountability, transparency, security, privacy and more.

informationThe report quotes Meta representative Jon Carvill as saying that the company will “continue to prioritize and invest in safe and responsible artificial intelligence development.” He added that although the company is splitting the team, those members will “continue to support responsible Relevant cross-dimensional efforts in the development and use of artificial intelligence.”

Meta had not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

The team was restructured earlier this year, business insider wrote The report goes on to say that the RAI team, which has been in existence since 2019, has little autonomy and its initiatives must go through lengthy stakeholder negotiations before they can be implemented.

RAI was created to identify issues with its approach to artificial intelligence training, including whether the company’s models are trained with enough diverse information to prevent problems such as moderation issues on its platform. Automated systems on Meta social platforms lead to translation issues like Facebook’s causing accidental arrestWhatsApp AI sticker generation causes image deviation When certain prompts appearand Instagram’s algorithm Helping people find child sexual abuse material.

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