Meghan Markle launches American Riviera Orchard: Everything we know about her new lifestyle brand

We can’t say “American Riviera Orchard” three times fast, but we can tell you everything we know meghan marklenew lifestyle brand.

this Suit alum — aka Meghan, Duchess of Sussex — returns Instagram On Thursday, the project was announced for the first time in nearly four years.The accompanying video shows Markle cooking and arranging flowers in the kitchen, as well as the beautifully designed logo on her body signature calligraphyAlmost immediately, the venture was dubbed “Tig 2.0” by the media, a reference to the lifestyle blog Markle started before she fell in love with the prince.

While Markle didn’t specify what American Riviera Orchards will offer—and there’s no official explanation for the name—we’ve been able to piece together what’s out there. Here’s what we know so far.

Surprise announcement: American Riviera Orchard seemed to suddenly disappear on the afternoon of March 14. The sign appeared in nine separate Instagram posts (comments are closed), along with a video showing a photo of Markle — presumably at the couple’s $14 million Montecito, Calif., estate — A lifestyle themed version of Nancy Wilson’s “I Hope You Love.”There is a link to the brand’s website where you can join the waitlist and be the first to know all about ARO

American Riviera orchard logo.

The brand’s logo features Markle’s signature calligraphy style and references the California town she and Prince Harry now call home. (American Riviera Orchards)

opportunity: We now know this announcement wasn’t a random date. March 14 marks Markle and Harry’s alleged fourth wedding anniversary. free flight After leaving England and resigning their royal duties, they came from Canada to California (known as Meg quits) strive to achieve financial independence (this is tricky). Plus, Markle is having a great week as she sees the defamation lawsuit her half-sister filed against her thrown out by judgeso dropping a new brand will drive this uptick.

What is an American Riviera Orchard? Except for tongue twisters people having fun, a nod to Markle and Harry’s place in post-royal life and raising their children: Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2.santa barbara Known as the American Riviera. We assume we’ll hear about an orchard soon.A listing of their stunning manor house, which we got a glimpse of during their time Sit down with Oprah Winfrey 2021—Talk about sweeping lawns, tiered rose gardens, tall Italian cypress trees, blooming lavender and century-old olive trees.If they didn’t have one of their own, maybe she would run over to Winfrey’s house (they were neighbors) and pick one from her vast orchard.

For services provided through California-based brands, Trademark application, submitted on February 2 and currently awaiting review, provides insight. It applies to both goods and services, listing tableware, tableware, drinkware (think: decanters), tablecloths, chargers, napkin rings and table holders. It is also suitable for edible foods, if frozen, jams, marmalades, oils, various spreads (garlic, dairy, sesame) and butters (nuts, fruits).

But it seems the dream is bigger than that. The trademark is also “Retail Store Services” and features those items, so there’s hope for at least one brick-and-mortar retail store.She also hopes to sell cookbooks (print and e-book), perhaps a copy of her take on engagement chicken.

Markle prepares something in the kitchen. Markle prepares something in the kitchen.

Markle’s plan is to sell food spreads, oils, table settings and cookbooks – possibly in her own store. (American Riviera Orchards)

Current reception situation: As of Friday afternoon, the Instagram page had more than 400,000 followers in one day, so there’s a lot of interest.

As far as names go, there are unsolicited opinions on everything Markle and Harry have named so far, including their names children and projects (Archewell, Archetypes).

Tiger 2.0? Of course, Markle previously had a lifestyle blog. tiger man – Which Got the name Wine by Tignanello – Launched in 2014 to share her favorite travels, foods and outfits from her acting career.She shut down the site in April 2017 after she started dating Harry, and everyone has chosen to use her site to read and criticize old posts about her politics, parties she throws, celebrity encounters and bad hair dayMarkle and Harry married in 2018.

Last year, Markle — hoping to find a place among Gwyneth Paltrow, Joanna Gaines and other lifestyle superstars — Reapply for trademark “The Tig” is also awaiting review, so one assumes she will bring it back. So it’s interesting that she’s back in the lifestyle space with a new brand.

timing: Nothing is confirmed yet, but presumably sooner rather than later.The best synergy would be to launch with her new podcastIn February, Lemonada Media announced it would distribute Markle’s untitled podcast as well as House Archetypes. Parting ways with Spotify.Moreover rumor She is launching a Netflix cooking show tied to the American Riviera Orchards brand. The news has not been confirmed, but she does have one year left on her current Netflix deal.The couple have been working with the streamer on various projects, including film adaptation Carly Fortune’s books meet me by the lake There may also be a documentary taking Harry to Africa.

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