Martha Stewart cancels Thanksgiving after hosting at least 60 dinner parties over the years

Martha StewartKnown as the “Queen of Thanksgiving,” she has some surprising plans for the holiday this year.

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Stewart revealed that she had “cancelled” a Thanksgiving dinner she had planned to host because several of her guests had backed out and she had become “flamed.”

When Clarkson asked her if she had any special plans, she admitted, “I gave up on Thanksgiving. Nine guests canceled because someone got sick, so I called my chef friend and said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving. Already.'”

Martha Stewart says she’s “on fire” this year. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

She added, “I also cooked 14 turkeys for my TV show.”

“You’ve done it,” Clarkson told her.

Stewart agreed, saying she would have to cook her 15th turkey before she could appear on another talk show.

“I’m angry,” she said.

Instead of hosting the dinner herself, she said her new plan is to “go to about five different friends’ houses” and try “different dishes.”

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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was known for hosting impressive Thanksgiving dinners. (Getty Images)

“Those friends must be stressed out,” Clarkson noted, and Stewart laughed and said, “I hope so.”

this lifestyle guru She’s been associated with the holiday for years — last year, she was crowned Thanksgiving Queen on the “Today” show and was given a sash and scepter bearing the title.

Thanksgiving Queen Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was officially crowned Queen of Thanksgiving last year. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

When she appeared, it caused a lot of discussion Mariah Carey Become the Queen of Christmas with her iconic holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

“I do believe that Thanksgiving is a very important time of year, and despite other ideas, you know, we can skip Thanksgiving, but you never, ever can. Salute our pioneers!” Stewart said at the time of his coronation said.

She added: “To Mariah, I still love you!”

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In 2020, she said in another Today appearance that she had done “at least 60 Thanksgivings, maybe more” in her life.

Martha Stewart and her granddaughter

Martha Stewart, pictured with her granddaughter, has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner regularly since she was 20 years old. (Astrid Staviaz/Getty Images)

“Because I got married when I was 19, and I had my first Thanksgiving when I was 20,” she explains.

Although Stewart is putting the tradition on hold this year, she has shared plenty of tips in the past on how to prepare a proper dinner.

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Last year, she released the holiday edition of the digital publication Martha-logue, where she detailed how to pick the “perfect turkey.” To “order ahead,” and to account for the size of the turkey, she recommends 1.5 pounds of turkey per guest.

Martha Stewart Today

Martha Stewart offers countless tips on how to prepare for holiday celebrations. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

“Read your recipe carefully before making it,” she advises, so that all ingredients and tools are available when cooking.

In an interview with Williams-Sonoma, Stewart once again brought up the idea of ​​being prepared, this time specifically when it comes to meal prep. she says,”Thanksgiving Day, you’re mostly baking or reheating instead of chopping and measuring – and missing out on quality time with your new sister-in-law or parents! “

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For decorating, she advises: “Floral decor always looks beautiful in the cozy colors of fall. Buy a variety of pumpkins, gourds and cut flowers ahead of time. Make arrangements up to two days in advance and keep them refrigerated.”

Martha Stewart red carpet

Martha Stewart will be visiting a friend’s house for Thanksgiving. (Getty Images)

The final tip she shares is to have slices of pie ready to take home with your guests. “Garnish with wheat sprigs, dried or artificial berries and raffia,” she advises, “and don’t forget the fork.”

In a 2018 interview with Parade, she told readers, “Serving buffet style is most practical when hosting large gatherings, and setting up a beautiful and impressive buffet is easier than you think.”

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For those welcoming overnight guests, she advises: “A room for vacation guests should be well-appointed for their comfort. Choose high-quality cotton or comfortable flannel sheets, plush comforters and fluffy towels. Don’t Forget about leaving a warm blanket on your bed for a nap.”

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