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Looming migrant caravan reignites Republican demands for border reform: ‘Be prepared for impact’

As another caravan of thousands of migrants approaches U.S.-Mexico borderRepublicans in the House and Senate have renewed their calls for tighter border security, calling on the Biden administration and Congress to change U.S. policies to block more entries.

The organizer told the media that there are estimated to be 7,000 people The number of convoys traveling from southern Mexico to the United States increased from 5,000 earlier in the week. One of the organizers estimated that most of them came from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Venezuela.

Migrant caravan organizers claim Latin American countries are ‘plotting against the United States’ and ‘exacerbating’ border crisis

Migrants complain that Mexico is taking too long to process refugee and exit visas, according to the Associated Press.It’s the largest caravan since last summer, despite record numbers of people arriving at the border each week – September record high There were more than 269,000 encounters – a fraction of the number of people an agent might encounter in a month.

On Monday, October 30, 2023, migrants who had been waiting for temporary transit documents but still had not received them after waiting, in some cases as long as two months, left Tapachula, Mexico, heading for the U.S. border. (AP Photo/Edgar Clement)

Caravans have been a regular visitor to the border in recent years under the Trump and Biden administrations, often breaking up en route to the border with migrants either heading to Mexico to seek relief or to the U.S. border to seek asylum. Seek entry in smaller groups. But images of large numbers of people heading to the border reflect how many people are flooding into the United States under the Biden administration.

Republicans accuse Biden administration of rolling back Trump-era border policies and issue Immigrants entering the interior of the United Statesblaming the latest caravan on the Biden administration.

Mayorkas confirms more than 600,000 illegal immigrants evaded law enforcement at southern border last fiscal year

Republican Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas told Fox News Digital that what he called a border security failure “sends a signal to bad actors around the world that there are no consequences for exploiting our border.”

“As we prepare for the impact of another large caravan heading to our country, the situation at the border is dire. Sadly, this week’s hearing with the Secretary of Homeland Security made that clear. [Alejandro] Mayorkas said the current administration lacked all control and leadership in addressing the border crisis they created, putting the safety of Americans at risk. “

The Biden administration says it is restoring asylum pathways that were dismantled during the Trump administration and is responding to a historic Western Hemisphere crisis while expanding legal pathways and enforcing “the consequences of illegal entry.”Reform legislation to fix “broken” system and provide additional border funding – including the most recent one $14 billion request.

The funding will also allow for greater use of expedited deportations of people entering the country illegally and will hire more staff, including Border Patrol agents, Pleasure and Processing Coordinators. That includes $1.3 billion for “safe mobile offices” and support for “host communities and communities.” Legal” means in the area.

“This funding package will allow us to more effectively combat the scourge of fentanyl, curb the impact of historic immigration, and expedite work authorization for eligible noncitizens,” mayorkas told “Simply put, this funding will have a significant impact on our department’s operational capabilities and national security,” the Senate Homeland Security Committee said this week.

Republicans have been skeptical of the Biden administration’s calls and have rolled out their own package that would increase Border Patrol personnel while limiting the government’s ability to release migrants into interior areas and step up enforcement.

House Homeland Security Counterterrorism Subcommittee Chairman August Pfluger told Fox News Digital that the caravan knew “there are no consequences for illegally entering the United States.”

“The president’s policies have spurred millions to cross the border illegally, and I am extremely concerned about the oxygen risk of terrorism that would arise from a fully open southern border. President Biden must enforce our existing laws to secure the border and curb flow of illegal immigrants and protect our national security. “National security,” he said.

“The Biden administration has opened the door to immigrants heading to the United States, allowing 8 million people to cross illegally under his watch so far,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. “Thousands more are now stepping through America’s doors” heading to our country because, according to caravan leaders, ‘Biden has lost control of the border. ‘”

Senator Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn poses for a photo during a hearing on Capitol Hill. (Kevin Dickey/Getty Images)

Blackburn highlights recent concerns about border terrorism, including record numbers Terrorist watch list encounter: “This is an unacceptable national security and humanitarian crisis. With terrorist watch list arrests up 75%, we can no longer tolerate a completely open and out-of-control southern border.”

Sen. Ted Cruz introduced the Senate version of the House-passed border and immigration legislation, saying the upper chamber’s response should be to pass the legislation and “build a wall to protect Americans from unvetted illegal immigration.” Convoy’s violation”. Aliens are trying to overwhelm our borders. “

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“As radical Islamic terrorism sweeps the Middle East, border security is more important now than ever. Just last year, 736 people on the terrorist watch list tried to enter our country – and these are just the people we know about,” He “The Biden border crisis is threatening Americans, and this caravan is just the latest disaster in a long list of Biden failures.”

Fox News’ Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.

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