London’s famous black cabs will be listed on the Uber app, a major win for the ride-hailing company

Uber wins again Efforts to turn around troubled taxi industryhas announced plans to start listing London’s famous black cab drivers on its app.

The service won’t launch until early 2024, but some London taxi drivers have already started signing up. Uber said all 15,000 London taxi drivers “will now have the opportunity” to sign up for Uber ride recommendations. The company recently brokered deals with taxi fleet owners in New York City, Paris, Rome and Los Angeles to list drivers on its app.

After New York’s yellow cabs, London’s black cabs are the most controversial and iconic taxis in the world. Not only is this a symbolic win for Uber, but it also helps build trust with taxi owners, who may still be wary of Uber’s motives.

In fact, not everyone is happy that Uber is trying to include taxi drivers on its app. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA), a trade group representing 10,000 drivers, expressed doubts that drivers would flock to the app.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the LTDA, said in a statement: “There was no request for this partnership by the London licensed taxi drivers we represent or by our passengers. The LTDA or any other taxi industry body was not consulted before the announcement. “We are not aware of any drivers being recruited and do not believe our members would consider joining the app, which has issues ranging from passenger safety to London workers’ rights.” There are good and bad records in every aspect of . “

McNamara pointed out that passengers can already hail London black cabs through a number of apps, including Gett, Taxiapp, FreeNow and ComCab. Uber’s safety record is poor, and so is everything else. ” he added.

“We have no interest in tarnishing the reputation of London’s iconic and world-renowned black cab industry by forming an alliance with Uber.”

Uber has long been at odds with the taxi industry. Early on, the company’s habit of not following the rules angered taxi owners, who accused the company of flouting local regulations as it entered new markets. Uber counters that the taxi business was plagued by many flaws before its arrival, including predatory lending.

But after failing to completely eliminate and replace the taxi business, Uber turned its attention to taxis to help drive the next stage of growth. The company says it hopes to have all the taxis in the world listed on its app by 2025. This time, taxi owners are eager to get involved.

The Uber app provides taxi services in 33 countries around the world, and “hundreds of thousands” of taxi drivers receive ride recommendations from the company. Some of the largest markets by volume include Hong Kong, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Turkey last year. Uber seals deal Includes approximately 14,000 of New York City’s iconic yellow cabs in its app.

When a ride is ordered through Uber, the company gets a commission. Uber’s average global ride rate (also known as its revenue margin) in third episode This year’s ratio is 28.3%, up from 27.9% in the third quarter of 2022. Uber said it will waive trip commissions for London taxi drivers for the first six months.

The Uber app provides taxi services in 33 countries around the world

Both Uber and London’s black cabs have done well recently, recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. More new taxis are being registeredinclude electric.and Uber gets 30-month license In London, its ride-sharing service remained operational last year long battle TfL was spoken to about the company’s safety record.

last year, Uber loses legal battle in UK Investigate the employment status of its drivers.This requires the company to start classifies its UK drivers as employeesgiving them minimum wage, paid vacation and other benefits.

London taxi drivers are known for their insistence on “knowledge”, a seemingly uncanny ability to pinpoint thousands of landmarks across Greater London. Taxi drivers need to study for up to three years and spend about £10,000 (about $12,707) to memorize all the knowledge. detail.

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