Liverpool 3-1 Sheffield United: Premier League – Live

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Chelsea 2-2 Manchester United. Enjoy a feast of joy with Tim de Lisle.

Full time: Liverpool 3-1 Sheffield United

Have you ever had any doubts? A little.but liverpool They returned to the top of the league as their quality ultimately proved too much for brave Sheffield United. They fought hard, but with 17% possession and a barrage of shots on goal, there was nothing they could do.

90+6 minutes: Gakpo passed into the penalty area, but Nunez ejected high.

90+4 minutes: Number 13 liverpool A corner kick against the now deflated Sheff U. Robertson brought the ball in, but McBurnie was there again.

90+2 minutes: Just your 82% possession and 28 shots on goal liverpool So far, I think, despite Sheffield University’s best efforts, we’re still expecting good results from the hosts.

90 minutes: Another seven minutes were added.

Robertson delivered a wonderful cross from deep on the left, and Gakpo made a good run and headed the ball home.

Goal! Liverpool 3-1 Sheffield United (Gakpo, 90)

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88 minutes: Grbic failed to connect with the high ball and it bounced back to Nunez, but his curling shot went well out of range.

87 minutes: McBurnie was written into the book for crashing into Konate.

Holgate exits and Ben Slimani enters.


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86 minutes: Mac Allister took the free kick and hit the crossbar. What a wonderful state he was enjoying at the moment.

Diaz was the next with a chance but Ahmedhodzic did well to keep him out and his effort earned a goal kick on the evening.

84 minutes: liverpool are looking to close out the game, which means they have another corner. Robertson drove the ball into the penalty area from the left, but McBurnie had a clear header. When Osborne was adjudged to have handballed the ball 25 yards out, Liverpool struck straight back and won a free-kick goal.

Andy Flintoff on goals: “I know it’s a bit of a caricature of the players, but Frank Lampard has spent his career doing things like that, standing on the edge of the box waiting for that thundering shot.”

82 minutes: other liverpool It was their 10th corner kick of the game but Sheff U held their ground.

Gakpo got his first chance since coming on; he beat a few defenders, but his shot went wild and flew wide.

Rupak Pramanik Email: “Makar can play at the 6th, 10th, and 8th positions, can break through defenses with passes, and can launch missiles with his right foot.

“Talk about bargaining.”

80 minutes: I wonder if any layman could hit the ball as cleanly as Mike Allister if they could get out of the game simply by standing on the edge of the box and thumping a couple with such ferocity over the course of a season career.

78 minutes: If it turns out to be the winner, it will give them incredible extra motivation heading into the final seven games.

Robertson’s pass into the box was cleared to the edge of the box, where Mike Allister was waiting and he fired an absolutely thunderous shot into the top corner.

Alexis Mac Allister hit the ball to home plate. Photography: Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images
Mike Allister (center right) celebrates with teammate Darwin Nunez (center left). Photo: Peter Powell/EPA
Scenes! Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool Football Club/Getty Images

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Goal! Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield United (Mac Allister 77)

Feet are like traction engines!

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp celebrates with Liverpool fans after Alexis Mac Allister’s strike put the home side back in front. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

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76 minutes: Robertson tried to break through three players in yellow but he was blocked and received a free ball in a dangerous position. However, the set piece floated past everyone and Sheff U made a clearance.

74 minutes: Elliott cut in from the right and Robertson received a cross at the back post, but his volley missed.

The quality of this game dropped and it turned into a battle. Who has the strength to decide the winner?

72 minutes: Another corner kick went into the Sheff U box but was disrupted. Naturally, it eventually led to another corner kick. The Blades looked to slow things down and Trusty hit the deck after a push from Van Dijk. The corner kick came to naught again. .

Gakpo and Jones replace Gomez and Szoboszlai.

70 minutes: Konate received treatment and got up to return to the field.

Shef University is providing liverpoolArsenal and Manchester City may disagree, but Wilder’s side have nothing to lose in order to win.

68 minutes: Konate fell to the ground after being accidentally grabbed by Ursula. The Sheffield forward slipped in the box and cleared the defender in the process.

coin. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

“There have been several times this season liverpool “Wasted a lot of chances in front of goal only to have the ball bite (think FA Cup against Manchester United). Could this be another one?” Declan Brennan asked.


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66 minutes: Anfield is buzzing again. Bradley won a corner kick and Szoboszlai took it. He found Van Dijk’s header and fired it into the goal, but Grbic made a brilliant save from a low shot to his left.

64 minutes: The corner kick finally came out, but sheffield united Defended very well. The ball is passed right back to them and the Blades are defending heavily and getting away from it.

62 minutes: liverpool Won the left corner kick. The drive was delayed with Hamer on the field and requiring treatment. He’s joined by Brayton Diaz and McCarty off; McBurnie, Orsula and Osborne on.

60 minutes: Salah and Glaven Birch come off, Elliott and Robertson come on.

North London and Manchester celebrate goals.It should be lively liverpool.

McCarty passed the ball to the back post, Hamer headed it in and Bradley knocked the ball into his own net.

Liverpool’s Conor Bradley scored an own goal to equalize for Sheffield United. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

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Goal! Liverpool 1-1 Sheffield United (Bradley OG, 58)

It was a surprise when the ball went into the back of the net.

Sheffield United players and fans celebrate their good fortune. Photography: Jan Kruger/Getty Images

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58 minutes: Klopp is preparing some substitutes, with Elliott and Robertson already stripped and ready.

“A little worried about how things are going to go tonight. liverpool,” David Martin said. “There was a terrible feeling that if we didn’t concede first it would come back to bite Arsenal.”

I think you’ll be fine.

56 minutes: Sheff University looked to improve in the second half. I’m worried this might lead to more goals conceded, but at least they’re working on it.

54 minutes: Brereton Diaz brilliantly won a free kick on the edge of the box. Hamer kept his eye on the ball but Kelleher quickly got across and saved it.

53 minutes: Shef U crosses the midfield line but there’s no one in a yellow shirt near Brayton Diaz and he’s squeezed out liverpool defender.

51 minutes: Everything at Anfield sounds a bit bland at the moment. Salah tried to wake everyone up, but his shot from the edge of the area was directed at Gbic.

49 minutes: Gravenberch was left in a heap after Holgate’s tap on the ankle. Free ball awarded to the left wing. Szoboszlai took the penalty shot, but Grbic claimed a goal on his second serve.

47 minutes: Gomez had one more shot, probably his third of the game, but this one was the worst, dribbling wide from around 20 yards.

second half

here we go again!

Chelsea defeated Manchester United 2-0.


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For some reason, TNT had a chance to show up in reverse matches earlier in the season. Guys, this isn’t really relevant.

Halftime: Liverpool 1-0 Sheffield United

For all their dominion and possession, liverpool Leading by only one goal, the game was a pure fluke. They hope to end this game as soon as possible after the break.

“What is the error stat (30 minutes) called?” Peter oh asked “xG (anticipated gaffe)?”

Write your answers on a postcard during halftime.

45+2 minutes: Ahmedhodzic stood up after a long ball was cleared, took the pass over the top and his volley was brilliant but the ball just went over. It turned out that he controlled the offside.

45 minutes: Four minutes were added.

44 minutes: Szoboszlai fired from 20 yards away, but Grbic saw it clearly and punched it clearly.

42 minutes: Gravenberch fired a shot from 20 yards, but he slipped as he shot and the ball found its way to Grbic.

“Wow, yes sheffield united Play defense,” Richard McGahee said. “Mike got the ball 15 yards above the penalty area and the defender was standing within 2 feet of him. He made no effort to get the ball. He just defended and screened. I guess in theory they would do that and hope to keep the score down. And grab some kind of miracle break to get a draw.”

There is always hope…

40 minutes: Statistics estimates liverpool With an 84% ball possession rate, they are completely dominant.

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk beat Sheffield United’s Ben Brereton Diaz. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

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38 minutes: In the Sheffield University half, Gomez was tangled up by Souza and the visitors tried their best to chase the ball. No wonder Sheffield United players are eventually getting tired.

36 minutes: this is very all liverpool.Sheff U has a thankless task.

Ibrahima Konate’s header went unchallenged. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

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34 minutes: Mike Allister was the latest to take action, but his curling effort from 25 yards went just wide. I think it was Liverpool’s eighth shot of the game.

32 minutes: Grbic had to clear under pressure and decided not to take any chances and hit the ball straight away.

30 minutes: TNT kindly pointed out that Sheffield United conceded 8 goals due to errors this season and their performance was not ideal, which may explain why they are at the bottom.

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