Lisa Hochstein Launches Amicable Divorce Firm Amid Brutal Breakup from Lenny: ‘Turning My Pain Into Purpose’

Lisa Hochstein is ready to help others going through divorce.

‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Coming Soon splitwella service designed to help estranged couples end their marriages amicably and “without spending a lot of money.”

Bravo fan account The Bravoverse posted the reality star’s new endeavor, which Lisa later reshared on her Stories, but added, “Turning my pain into purpose.”

The website isn’t fully operational yet, but curious people can add their names to a waiting list for more information.

It also noted that it is “powered by artificial intelligence.”

Bravolebrity’s new career comes as she’s still fighting her divorce from estranged husband Lenny Hochstein, whom she divorced after more than a year. proposed for the first time After 12 years of marriage.

Lisa and the famous plastic surgeon have been feuding over financial issues, child custody and Lenny’s alleged infidelity, but have yet to reach a resolution.

Lisa founded the company, Splitwell, as a way to turn her “pain into purpose.”
split well
For more than a year, she had been going through a painful divorce from her estranged husband, Lenny.
Lisa Hochstein/Instagram

In the summer, the ex-couple comes Close to a settlementbut “Boobu God” struggle to withdraw his proposal According to court documents obtained by Page Six at the time, Lisa was “expected” to refuse.

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A source close to Lenny and Lisa tells us doctors are trying to force the reality star to sign his “lowball” offer, continuing to “bankrupt” her by withdrawing from the agreement and prolonging the legal process, leading to More lawsuits. cost.

The “RHOM” star has two children with a plastic surgeon.
Lenny Hochstein/Instagram

Lisa, 41, scored a legal victory in October when a judge ruled that Lenny Unable to withdraw his settlement offer. The first two are scheduled for a case management conference on Nov. 30.

Despite their rather dramatic divorce, the Bravolebrity couple and Lenny, 57, are still moving on emotionally.

Lenny is Engaged to fiancĂ©e Katherina MazeppaLisa who Criticized as a “mistress” And Lisa lives in an apartment with her new boyfriend, Jody Glidden. $32,000 per month apartment In Miami.

She is currently dating her boyfriend Jody Glidden.
Lisa Hochstein/Instagram

Both couples have one cold grinding Last month at Miami hotspot Prime 112.

“Both seemed happy to be there, but you could feel there was tension between the two. [couples]”, an eyewitness told Page Six at the time.

The insider added that Lisa and Lenny seemed to “become extra comfortable with their significant others” once they noticed each other across the street.

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