Lala Kent Accuses Tom Sandoval of Seducing Raquel Levis on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Competition: ‘You’re Terrible’

Lala Kent had some serious words for Tom Sandoval during a heated match on Vanderpump Rules.

On Tuesday’s episode, the reality star and podcaster followed the musician Said she was never “honest” or “real”“About her life. In fact, he was a man with secrets – he was having a seven-month affair with Raquel Levis at the time – so she wanted him to be punished for making such a disingenuous statement. Apologize.

But during the group’s trip to Lake Tahoe, Kent didn’t get her wish. Instead, their argument quickly turned sour, leading her to reveal why she felt bad for Levis.

Kent admits she began to sympathize with Levis, 29, when he Season 10 reunion If she doesn’t “align with Sandoval,” she has “nobody.”

Lala Kent verbally attacked Tom Sandoval on Tuesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”
In a March 2023 interview with Page Six, she dug deep into her attempt to get him to apologize for describing his energy as “stupid.”

“You isolate, you dress up, you lie,” Kent, 33, told Sandoval, 40, during their heated conversation. “I don’t want to know you. You’re scary.”

As Kent, who Announcement of second pregnancy This week, as she tried to get the conclusion she needed from Sandoval, he got defensive and slammed old rumors about her relationship with her now ex-fiance Randall Emmett before he finalizes his Divorced wife Ambyr Childers 2017.

When Sandoval refused to give in, she accused him of seducing Raquel Levis.
“You isolate. You dress up. You lie,” she lashed out. “I don’t want to know you. You’re horrible.”

“I did lie for a seven-month relationship. Lara also lied for a few years for a six-year relationship,” Tom told Bravo cameras. “We all lied. We all lied. They’re all liars. I guess in this case we’re all just going to call it a wash.”

Sandoval Confessed his relationship with Levis (now going by her given name Rachel) when Ariana Madix caught them in March 2023.

Levis has since spoken out about their relationship, claiming Sandoval Played the “victim” in the aftermath manipulate her together with him.

“I did lie for seven months of the relationship. Lara also lied for several years of the six-year relationship,” Tom said in his confessional.
However, he eventually apologized when Shayna Shay and Brock Davis joined them in their heated argument.

Kent felt incredibly insulted when Sandoval refused to apologize to her and used her past against her. She told him he was “crazy” and “scary.”

“That’s all you have for me. You don’t allow me to evolve. But this happened four months ago and I allowed you to evolve,” she argued.

More updates on the Page Six reality show…

However, following the intervention of Scheana Shay and Brock Davies, the TomTom co-owner swallowed his pride and expressed regret for his actions.

“I guess I didn’t understand you correctly,” he told his partner.

Between 2022 and 2023, Sandoval had a seven-month relationship with Levis. Getty Images
Their identities were blown in March 2023 when Ariana Madix discovered incriminating evidence on Sandoval’s phone. Nicole Weingart/Bravo

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be around you like this. I really appreciate you. It means a lot to me.”

“It changed a lot of how I viewed you. It was a big impact,” Sandoval continued, “even these days I’m still processing it. I’m processing everything. It means a lot to everybody.”

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Bravo.

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