Kyle Richards says ‘things’ that happened in Mauricio Umansky’s marriage ‘made me lose trust’: ‘I can’t recover’

Kyle Richards is opening up more about what’s causing the rift between her and estranged husband Mauricio Umansky.

“Something happened that I lost trust and I can’t recover from it,” she admitted in a tearful confessional on Wednesday’s Season 13 finale of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Richards didn’t reveal what incident made her feel that way, but on Wednesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen said Richards will be available during the three-part reunion, which begins on February 28 Reveal more information.

Kyle Richards revealed where she and Mauricio Umansky stand during their separation during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 finale Wednesday night. Instagram/@mumansky18

Whatever happened between Richards and Umansky, it looked so bad that she admitted, “We probably won’t get together.”

July 2023, Source tell people Umansky, 53, and Richards, 55, “lived apart for a while” but maintain a “friendly” dynamic under the same roof.

They later issued a statement saying that any Rumors of an impending divorce are “untrue.” Still, they fully acknowledge they’ve had a “tough year” and are working through their issues.

Since then they have said they “Don’t admit defeat” About their marriage – they don’t even have heading for divorce But what Richards said on Wednesday’s show didn’t feel hopeful.

“Something happened that I lost my trust from, and I can’t recover from it,” she said in a confessional. bravo
The actress also opened up to Erica Jayne about how heartbreaking the situation is for her entire family. bravo
“I kept needing and wanting more in my marriage and I couldn’t get it,” she explains. bravo

The Halloween Kills actress also opened up about her heartbreaking split from her co-star Erica Jayne, Denies cheating played a role.

“I think the hardest part of what we’re going through is not having a big thing. That’s the hardest part for me,” she noted.

“I’ve always needed and wanted more from my marriage and I couldn’t get it.”

Richards also admitted on Wednesday’s RHOBH season finale that there’s “a good chance” she and the agency founder won’t reconcile. movie magic

She continued, “It’s really not about anyone else. It’s really just about Mo and me.”

“It’s not about our family, it’s not about outside family, it’s not about him or anyone else around me. It’s just about Mo and me.”

Richards — who admitted last week that she and Umansky decided they can pursue relationships with each other during their separation – also reflected on how their marriage went so well after marrying in their 20s.

“When we first met, we were really polar opposites… and it worked,” she recalls.

The former couple’s split was first reported in July 2023. Dimitrios Cambris/Getty Images
However, they both insist they have no plans to divorce just yet. Instagram/@mumansky18

“You know, I always joke that without me, he would die because I keep him safe. I would never take risks in life without him. It works. “

Richards also detailed in the episode how difficult it was to tell their four daughters About their breakup because they tried to hide their problems from them.

Richards and Umansky have been married since 1996. Instagram/@mumansky18

“[When the news came out] They think the rug has been pulled out from under them because things are worse than we thought,” she admitted.

More updates on the Page Six reality show…

Umansky also sat down with their daughters — Alexia Simone, 27, Sofia Kelly, 24, and Portia, 15 — to film Netflix’s “Buy Bet” The second season of Beverly Hills will premiere in March.

In the preview clip, Family members are emotional As Umansky explained, he and Richards will Live their own lives.

They tried to keep their daughters in the dark about their separation for as long as possible. Netflix

The founder of the organization also confirmed The actress initiated their breakup.

This pair Married 1996 has starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since its premiere season in 2010.

Richards also has a 35-year-old Daughter Farrah Brittany Algiuffrefrom her first marriage to businessman Guraish Aldjufrie.

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