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King Charles attends Easter service to reassure people

King Charles III made his first major public appearance since walking into an Easter church service at Windsor Castle on Sunday with Queen Camilla, pausing to wave to well-wishers. He revealed last month that he had cancer.

Charles, 75, continued to work while receiving treatment, greeting visitors and meeting weekly with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. But he suspended public activities on the advice of doctors.

The king appears in a familiar scene, St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle The castle aims to restore a semblance of normalcy to a royal family that has been severely unbalanced this year by multiple health crises.Catherine, Princess of Wales, announced a week ago that she too diagnosed with cancer.

As planned, neither Catherine nor her husband, Prince William, attended the funeral with their families. She had not been seen in public since Christmas until entering hospital for abdominal surgery in January. Catherine said in a video that tests conducted after the surgery found evidence of cancer.

Since his illness, Charles has become even more visible. He is often photographed talking to dignitaries such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The king, who embraces religious pluralism, met with leaders from many faiths at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

But he has stayed away from large gatherings. On Holy Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday in Britain, Charles did not participate in the traditional distribution of gifts by the monarch. Special “Maundy Money” Coin Camilla performed the ritual in one of her most dramatic ways Appear as a stand-in.

In a video recorded for the ceremony, Charles said: “We need and benefit greatly from those who extend a hand of friendship to us, especially in times of need.” This was widely interpreted as a response to the large number of well-wishers. Blessed recognition. The messages have been pouring in since he and Catherine announced their illness.

Buckingham Palace said Charles was impatient and wanted to return to a normal routine, but never specified what type of cancer he had, his prognosis or treatment.

two weeks ago, Russian social media channels False rumors abounded about Charles’ death. After these reports were picked up by a number of Russian news agencies, the British embassy in Moscow and the Ukrainian capital Kiev felt the need to debunk the reports as “fake news”.

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