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Kim Kardashian is producing a documentary about “icon” Elizabeth Taylor. From buying her jewelry to impersonating Cleopatra, her fandom runs deep.

kim kardashianLove for Elizabeth Taylor is eternal.The reality star is executive producing and appearing in a new drama documentary series About the screen legend.

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebellious Superstar is the working title for a three-part BBC Arts project already in production.according to Press releasethis Cleopatra A star’s life story has always been “told in a soap opera style” (marriage, addiction and glamour), but this series looks at how she “created the blueprint for modern celebrity”.Taylor went from child star to Academy Award winner to billion dollar businesswoman.It promises never-before-heard audio tapes, interviews (with family, friends and colleagues) and never-before-seen television footage.

kardashian family The 43-year-old star isn’t playing Taylor, Although she dabbled in acting.she will appear on the project as the last person interviewed for the project Butterfield No. 8 Actress who died in 2011 at the age of 79. Kardashian compared their successes, saying in a press release that Taylor “is unabashedly herself” and “proves that you can continue to evolve and change and have different chapters in your life…”[ing] Lighting the way for all of us who follow her with this blueprint. “

Kardashian – also a billionaire businesswoman and activist, A slightly different path to stardom — has long been fascinated by icons with violet eyes. The evidence is as follows:

“I’m a huge Elizabeth Taylor nerd”

Just before Taylor died of congestive heart failure in March 2011, she Interviewed Spoken by the reality star for the February 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In conversations that took place over the phone and via email after Taylor fell ill (they had never met in person), Kardashian couldn’t hide her identity as a fan. “You are my idol. But I have six husbands and some big jewelry. What do I do?” This was the first question of the founder of Skims. Later in the chat, Kardashian gushed, “I’m a huge Elizabeth Taylor nerd,” and praised the movie star for being “always already ahead of your time.”

“Cleopatra with a K”

In the same issue, Kardashian borrowed one of Taylor’s most famous roles – Cleopatra from the 1963 film – but put her own stamp on it. She called the shoot “Cleopatra with a K.”

Kardashian later shared that Taylor lent her an original Cleopatra Photograph clothing.

Kardashian has played Taylor’s Cleopatra on more than one occasion. In 2015, she Did it again Violet Archives.

“I love Elizabeth,” she gushed in the interview. Makeup artist “Pat [McGrath] “I’ve talked about how iconic she is, and how iconic Cleopatra was. I would do anything — whatever Pat wanted, I would believe in her vision — but I’m really excited because it’s a Cleopatra vibe.”

In 2019, Kardashian shot another photo of Taylor wearing a sparkling Thierry Mugler gown for 7Hollywood Magazine.It Not going well on social media at the time.

“She will always be my idol”

It’s no secret that Kardashian takes to social media just to express her love for “my idol.”

After Taylor’s death, Kardashian said the star would always be her hero.

In 2013, Kardashian took to Instagram to recreate an iconic photo of Taylor, taken by Herb Ritts in 1991, flashing her own diamonds (via of fiancé Kanye West). The caption is “#MyIdol”.

“More than just a piece of jewelry”

While Taylor’s White Diamond perfume helped swell her bank account, her fortune also included an extensive jewelry collection that was auctioned off after her death in 2011 and donated to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Sold for $137 million — Kardashian paid $64,900 for three emerald and diamond bracelets.

“It’s not just a piece of jewelry,” Kardashian told very cool “She wore them for the last few years of her life, and I believe they carry her spirit.” (Kardashian also bought one. Custom velvet jacket Michael Jackson wore this dress to Taylor’s 65th birthday party as a gift for his daughter North.She also have Princess Diana’s amethyst necklace and the famous borrowing of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” 2022 Met Gala Dresses.)

Kardashian considered buying Taylor’s house

kardashian told Fashion In 2015, she considered purchasing tyler’s home as well as.

“It’s so charming,” she gushed, “and the garden has a really nice trellis and beautiful roses.” However, “it wasn’t realistic for me to buy it. It only has room for one car.” ‘s garage.”

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