Keychron’s Q5 Pro and Q6 Pro are excellent full-size mechanical keyboards

i have spent I’ve been using the Keychron Q5 Pro and Q6 Pro mechanical keyboards for the past few weeks, and I think they’re one of the best full-size keyboards for the money. keyboard The Q6 Pro has a traditional full-size keyboard layout with a numeric keypad and navigation keys, while the Q5 Pro has a slightly more compact 1800-style layout.

Both are spacer mounted, with thick aluminum shells and a knob in the upper right corner. You can buy any model with Keychron red linear switches, brown tactile switches, or banana tactile switches, and they include hot-swappable sockets, RGB preset lighting, and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. If you don’t mind wires, you can also connect them via USB-C. (Read my guide, How to buy a mechanical keyboard, if you’d like to learn more about some of these terms! )

Why full-size layout?

Anyone who wants a full-size keyboard layout knows they want it. In my experience, it’s something you get used to, not something you switch to on a whim. These things are big enough to have a dedicated keyboard layout. A key to everything, especially when you take advantage of the ability to reprogram your keys.

The Lite version of the Q6 Pro lets you add your favorite set of switches and keycaps.

Photography: Keychron

Yes, the entire keyboard is fully reprogrammable. Keychron’s Q Pro Series support QMK/through, an open source third-party software that lets you reprogram every key. QMK is a keyboard system that allows users to flash new firmware and keymaps, while VIA is a system that can be quickly and seamlessly reprogrammed in a web browser. These keymaps, once you learn the software, persist across devices and have almost unlimited potential.

Because of the practicality of QMK and VIA, I find the numeric keypad useful, although I rarely use them to enter numbers.They can be easily reprogrammed and used as Dedicated macro pad, or any other purpose. (It’s worth noting that with both the QMK and VIA, you have to plug in the keyboard to reprogram it.) The reset button is located on top of the printed circuit board (PCB) below the space bar, making reprogramming easy since you don’t have to take the whole thing apart. Keyboard (unlike many other keyboards, which place buttons in hard-to-reach locations).

Even if you don’t plan on reprogramming any keys, the numeric keyboard is great for quickly entering long strings of numbers, or if you want to use Alt codes so you don’t have to constantly Google “Em dash” and copy and paste the symbols on Windows . (Hot tip: The Alt code for a full dash is Alt + 0151.)

Typing feeling

Both the Q5 Pro and Q6 Pro use gasket mounting, which means the main keyboard components (board, switches, PCB) are suspended within the case using two layers of compressed foam, rather than being connected directly to the case. This creates a springier typing feel and isolates internal components to produce a softer, crisper typing sound.

Keychron’s spacer mounting system is fairly springy, which means the keys feel soft and effortless. This is paired with the provided switches, which have fairly light springs, creating an overall typing experience that’s crisp and springy without feeling cheap or flimsy.

The two boards I received have red and banana switches from the Keychron K Pro switch series. The red switches are simple, effective linear switches that sound pop and feel quite smooth. Banana switches have a medium intensity bump and plenty of tactile feel. I recommend either of these as they are both high quality examples of their respective switch types that can be embraced by a large number of users.

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