Katy Perry quits ‘American Idol’ after seven seasons, facing years of backlash from fans

Katy Perry announced on Monday that she will be leaving “American Idol” after seven seasons.

“This fall, in September, I’m going to be playing a big music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio…so I think that might be my last season of Idol,” Perry told “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” ! ” said the program. to a shocked audience.

“I mean, I love ‘American Idol’ so much,” she continued, “it connects me to the heart of America, but I need to feel my own pulse.”

The Last Friday Night Lights singer, 39, appeared on the late-night show to promote the singing competition series Season 22 is coming soon.

Perry joined the judging panel for the show’s 16th season in March 2018, when ABC relaunched the show after years on Fox.

The “Never Excellent Over” songstress has been working with judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie since signing.

When host Kimmel, 56, asked “what Luke and Lionel said about her exit,” Perry responded: “Well, they’ll find out tonight!”

“I mean, I love ‘American Idol’ so much,” she said on the late-night show, “it connects me to the heart of America, but I need to feel my own pulse.” ABC
“Never Very Over” also revealed that she will participate in the Rio Rock Music Festival in Brazil this fall. disney

Perry’s performance on “American Idol” wasn’t without controversy.The pop star actually pause show Her harsh criticism of contestants sparked an outcry from fans last year.

She was initially criticized for joking that contestant Sara Beth Liebe was “Too many on the table” It is said that the young singer already has three children.

She suggested that co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan learned of her departure after watching The Late Show. ABC

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“It’s embarrassing and hurtful to have something like this on TV,” she said in a TikTok video in early 2023 after her episode aired. She eventually quit “American Idol” to care for her children.

“I think it’s so cool for women to support and uplift other women, I think mom-shaming is super lame, I think being a mom is hard enough, being a woman is hard enough.”

So did the performers of “I Kissed a Girl” booed for criticizing another contestant’s sparkly outfit.

Perry was criticized several times during her tenure on “Idol” after viewers found her “bullying” contestants. ABC

While Perry didn’t mention the hot water issues she often encounters, fellow judges Brian defended her.

“Katie gets criticized for going out and trying to make a TV show,” Brian, 47, said at the Country Music Association Festival in June 2023.

“In the moment when you’re so homogeneous, you can’t be that safe, you can never make jokes or have fun moments.”

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