Kathy Griffin Thinks ‘Housewives’ Is ‘Afraid’ of Andy Cohen as He Faces Leah McSweeney Lawsuit

Kathy Griffin believes some Housewives are “afraid” of Andy Cohen because he holds the fate of their careers in his hands.

“As long as he chooses ‘housewives’ and deals with ‘housewives,’ they’re probably going to be very afraid of him, and I don’t blame them,” Griffin Speaking on the “Miss Understanding with Rachel Uchitel” podcast Thursday.

“I mean, these are the women on that show, and many of them are Drive after drunkIn jail.

She said if they didn’t “create” drama, they could be fired.
“When those women say we were beaten with alcohol, I listen to them,” Griffin said. “I’m not going to deny that.” Andy Cohen/Instagram

When Bravo boss faces bombshell lawsuit Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Lea McSweeney apparently took strong advantage of her alcoholism, and the “My Life on the D List” actor told host Uchitel that she believes Reality TV producers “very much” encourage stars to “drink” a lot. “

“When those women say we were beaten with alcohol, I listen to them,” said Griffin, 63. “I’m not going to deny that.”

While she doesn’t trust Cohen, 55, to “pour drinks,” Griffin said she “wouldn’t be surprised” to have cast members drink constantly, given the “nature of behavior” seen on the Housewives series.

Griffin’s comments come as Cohen faces a blockbuster lawsuit from Leah McSweeney. leahmob/instagram
The former “RHONY” star claims producers plied her with alcohol in an attempt to get her to relapse. Leahmob/Instagram

“If you don’t lift the table, you might get fired,” she said. “In order to stay on the show, [they think], ‘I have to make this show. ‘”

More updates on the Page Six reality show…

Unfortunately, Griffin said the elaborate drama had “real consequences” for many “housewives.”

The Married to the Mob designer also accused Cohen of snorting cocaine with some of his favorite “housewives.” Clifton Prescod/Bravo
Cohen is an executive producer on the “Housewives” series. gas chromatography

McSweeney, 41, sued Cohen in February, claiming he and the network worked tirelessly to try to get her to relapse, but when she failed to do so, producers tried to destabilize her to induce depression in her . Camera failure.

She further claimed that Cohen would Regular use of cocaine and a group of his favorite “housewives.”

“The allegations against Andy are completely false,” a representative for Cohen told Page Six at the time.

A representative for Cohen called the accusations “completely false.” Picture direct website
Cohen himself has not yet commented on the lawsuit. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Years before the Married to the Mob designer filed his lawsuit, Griffin actually claimed that King of Bravo Offer her cocaine before appearing on his late-night show “Watch What Happens Live.”

Griffin said in a 2017 Twitter video: “Just before we launched, Andy Cohen asked me privately in an office on the Embassy Row – the company that produced the porn show – if I I want to flatter you.”

“You know I’m not prude, but I’m kind of outspoken – and for the first time I thought he was joking.”

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