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Kansas City Chiefs fan found dead in lawn chair on back porch ‘paints a picture we don’t have’: Family

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The brother of a Kansas City Chiefs fan who was found dead in a friend’s backyard said one of his frozen bodies was found sitting in a lawn chair, which he said “paints a picture that we never had in the first place” ”.

Ricky Johnson, 38, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and David Harrington, 37, were found dead by their friend Jordan on January 9 ·Outside the rental house of Jordan Willis, they attended an NFL watch party two days ago. A fifth man at the party said he left the home around midnight, according to his attorney, while Willis’ attorney said he had no idea what happened.

The Kansas City Police Department insisted in an interview with Fox News Digital that their deaths are “100 percent not being investigated as homicides,” that Willis is not considered a suspect and that he has fully cooperated with investigators.

on Monday, Ricky Johnson’s brother Jonathan Price In an interview with NewsNation, more insight into their confusing deaths was provided.

Kansas City Chiefs fan found dead in friend’s backyard: What to know

Family and friends of Clayton McGeeney (left), David Harrington (center) and Ricky Johnson are pressing for relief after the three men mysteriously died in cold weather outside a friend’s Kansas City home. Answer. (Facebook)

“David [Harrington] “We found it on a lawn chair on the back porch, not all three lying flat on the back,” Price said. “Being a brother, I was watching everything.”

The medical examiner has not yet revealed the cause of the men’s deaths. A spokesperson for the Midwest Forensic Center told Fox News Digital that the results of the men’s toxicology reports will take six to eight weeks to process, and their full autopsy reports will not be released again. Lasts 10 to 12 weeks.

“Every day is the same, the lack of answers, the inability to truly mourn for no reason,” Price said Monday. “I want to be more involved. My mother and Ricky’s father want to be more involved, but we don’t want to just Get answers from surveys.

“I’m not saying there is or there isn’t crime, But if you immediately suspect there was no foul play, then you should have a story, you should have something to tell the family, and if no one hears anything, it means nothing. “

willis, Virginians, Graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2014 with a PhD in chemistry and physical biology. Previously, he studied chemistry and molecular biology at Northwest Missouri State University.

According to an interview Willis gave to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative website in 2022, he is the senior chief scientist of the IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center in the United States. Kansas City.

Dr Baden gives expert opinion on Chiefs fan’s death, says police understand cause of death

The three men were found in Willis’ backyard two days after watching the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers. After being unable to contact her fiancé or Willis for several days, the partner of one of the men broke into Willis’ property, spotted a man and called police. Number of dead.

Willis’ attorney, John Picerno, told Fox Digital News and other news outlets that his client worked from home for much of the time between the time he escorted the men out of his house and the time their bodies were discovered. was sleeping and was unaware their bodies had been on his property until police arrived at his home around 9pm on January 9.

“I don’t care who you are or where you live — if it’s snowing outside, you look at how bad it is out there,” Price said of the claims. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home. “You also see how bad it is out there.” “He had to leave the house one day, and from his lawyer we don’t know if he did because he first said he left the house sporadically throughout the day, and then said He was home for 50 hours.”

Experts have Interviewed by Fox News Digital Channel Regarding the possibility that drugs, such as fentanyl analogues or synthetics such as K2, played a role in the men’s deaths.

“I’m not going to speculate on what my brother did in the past, I just know he was a good man. He loved his girls to death. He definitely had future plans to be their father for the rest of his life,” Price said. “Their lives, he would never jeopardize that. “

Parents of Kansas City Chiefs fan found dead believe victim ‘saw things they shouldn’t have seen’

Exterior view of the backyard and porch of Jordan Willis' home in Kansas City, Missouri

The backyard and porch of Jordan Willis’ home on Friday, January 26, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri. The bodies of three of Willis’s friends – Ricky Johnson, Clayton McGeeney and David Harrington – were found in Willis’ backyard, one of which was found on January 9, 2024 It was discovered on a porch two days after attending a Kansas City Chiefs watch party on Sunday. (DWS via Fox News Digital)

In an interview with NewsNation last week, Harrington’s mother, Jennifer Marks, expressed regret that Willis would come forward with more information.

“I want Jordan to step up and say, you know this wasn’t supposed to happen, but this is what happened. I did it or I saw this, you know, please tell us,” she said.

Friends and family of the three men claimed they made numerous calls and messages to Willis before the bodies were discovered, even knocking on his front door and calling to him outside.

Picerno denied the accusations, first telling Fox News Digital that he only received a message on Facebook Messenger, then telling NewsNation that Willis only received the message, not the message that was sent, indicating that he was waiting for police to arrive. Have seen these messages before.

“I think that’s why he didn’t respond to the texts that people sent him, and I think that’s why he waited so long before anyone knew what was going on with these people,” Marquez said. “Text him, you.” Knowing they go knock on the door, they knock on the door… How can you keep missing text messages, someone knocking on your door and not have a text message notification or anything like that? “

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David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson

David Harrington (far left), Clayton McGeeney (second from right) and Ricky Johnson (right) were found dead in a friend’s backyard two days after gathering to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game. (Ricky Johnson on Facebook)

Johnson and Harrington’s parents previously told Fox News Digital they believe Willis played an active role in their sons’ deaths “Drug them” or “cook something up”.

at the same time, Source close to Willis family Telling Fox News Digital that “the mad scientist’s agenda is absolutely ridiculous,” Willis was “shocked” by his friend’s death.

“At this point, not only is the country accusing him of murdering his friend without factual details, evidence or any charges, but he’s also lost his life,” the unnamed source told Fox Nation. Three close friends.” Exclusive interview on Saturday.

“Due to these wild speculations and accusations, he was not given the opportunity to say goodbye or attend their funerals.”

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