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Justin Timberlake reveals upcoming world tour on ‘The Tonight Show’

justin timberlake Announcing a world tour!

The singer and actor revealed the news during an appearance on the show tonight show with jimmy fallon Thursday.

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At one point, the host asked Timberlake, “Do you have anything to announce?” but the singer responded, “No, I don’t have anything to announce. We’re announcing it.” [the album]”.

Fallon continued to press, saying: “No, no, no, no. How about a little extra? … If you’re right, there’s something the audience might want to hear. Those watching at home, they can go “If they want something, give them something. Is there anything you want to announce?”

“What’s going on now?” Timberlake asked, before Fallon jokingly showed him a notecard. “Oh, um… I’m going on tour,” he said, and the audience started screaming.

Forget Tomorrow World Tour will kick off on April 29th in Vancouver, Canada. He will also travel to additional stops including Seattle, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Miami. Tickets go on sale February 2nd.

After Fallon listed some of the dates, Timberlake joked, “Wow, that’s a lot of dates.”

The news comes shortly after the singer revealed he would be releasing a new album, everything i thoughtOn March 15, he released his first solo album in more than six years. He also brought a surprise to his fans last Friday, drop new single,”Selfish.”

Timberlake also told Fallon on Thursday that he spent four years working on the album and actually wrote 100 songs, but later whittled it down to 18. everything i thought.

“Making this album was different from any other album… than making an album before, because I would take a while and say this is what we made, this is what it is,” he said. On the album, he was unable to write consistently in the studio because he had two children with his wife, Jessica Biel. “I go back and forth. Two weeks to write, come back for a month, it’s what we call writer’s camp, and I’ll work with different songwriters, different producers, people I’ve worked with before, people I’ve never worked with before People cooperate.”

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