Jewish community rallies in support of BK juice bar in Israel after it was targeted by pro-Palestinian activists

Jews are for the juice.

After pro-Palestinian activists boycotted a Brooklyn juice bar over the owner’s pro-Israel posts on social media, the Jewish community was flooded with orders for the store.

Tamar Juice Bar The region is flooded with hate after Bedford-Stuyvesant partner Reut Levi posted an Instagram post slamming singer Bjork for sharing misinformation about conflicts in the Middle East .

The next day, employees at a nearby coffee shop saw Levi’s post and accused the juice bar owner of “promoting racism and discrimination.” [supporting] Genocide,” while encouraging her followers to boycott.

“Within minutes, my Instagram was filled with Palestinian flags,” Levy, who opened the store in June with fellow Israeli Michal Mualem, told The Washington Post.

Within hours, virtual resistance came to the store’s front door, with people arriving to record videos and urging passers-by to stay away – prompting Levy to lock himself inside and call the police.

She quickly removed any decorations from the store’s walls that showed her and Moallem’s Israeli background.

Tamar Juice Bar co-owner Reut Levi said her store’s sales are sustained by orders from the Jewish community across the country.

“The first two days, I was scared,” Levy said, explaining that people continued to tag Bat Yam locals in Instagram posts and urge their followers to avoid “businesses owned by white Zionists.”

Recently, she discovered that her restaurant was Add to Google map The title is “Zionist Restaurant – New York.”

“I try to bring something good, I work a lot for people, but one day, they just write you off,” she said.

The juice bar regulars almost disappeared in the din, but The Jews quickly turned Keep the business going.

Neighbors in Bedford-Stuyvesant are boycotting Levi’s juice bars after Bedford-Stuyvesant criticized singer Bjork for posting misinformation about Israel and Palestine on social media.

Rabbi Yossi Eliav, director of Chabad at Clinton Hill and Pratt University, purchased 10 glasses of orange juice for officers at the 79th Precinct. Recorded his own social media video Spread the word about helping Levi during the boycott.

Soon juice and smoothie orders were pouring in from Texas and California, tripling every day. Levy delivers the items to local precincts, a nearby school and homeless shelters.

“Look what the anti-Semites made us do — we’ve never spent so much money on freshly squeezed juice,” Eliav joked, adding that the Jewish community’s support has been “incredible. Signs, people showed up, they were proud of who they were and proud of who they were “. Say we won’t hide in the shadows. “

Customers come from all over the city to order juice at Tamar Juice Bar to show their support.

On a recent afternoon, a half-dozen Jewish customers packed the shoebox-sized storefront, having traveled from as far away as Long Island and Queens for date smoothies and acai bowls.

Unexpectedly, the group broke into an impromptu chant, chanting the Hebrew unity song “Am Yisrael Chai,” or “The People of Israel Live.”

“If I have friends who are lonely, I want them to know you have a brother here,” said Bentzy Weingot, 34, who drove from Rockaway Beach. “What I learned from this is never underestimate the power of community.”

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