Jessica Biel rave about eating in the shower: ‘I find it very satisfying’

Jessica Biel wants everyone to know her favorite multitasking trick.

“Seventh Heaven” Alum Brought to TikTok On Monday she raved about eating in the shower, claiming it was “very satisfying” and saved her time.

“It’s easy, guys,” she said. “You can do it. I find it very satisfying.”

Bill explained that she has a set of rules for eating in the shower, which include placing a coffee or yogurt container on the ledge.

Jessica Biel gave her fans her ultimate multitasking trick. TikTok/@jessbiel
The actress shared on TikTok that she eats in the shower because it helps her save time. TikTok/@jessbiel

“I like to take a bite or a sip and then put it on the ledge and then you can do your thing. You wash your hair β€” don’t use soap β€” that’s a big deal.”

“The only tricky thing is that when you’re chewing, you have to close your mouth because I still like to go underwater while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth and spit out water at the same time,” she continued.

The 41-year-old “The Conjuring” actress quipped that this urge may stem unconsciously from her childhood, or from having to protect herself when she was in danger. her two sons She spat in her face while taking a shower with her husband, Justin Timberlake.

“It’s very simple, guys. You can do it. I find it very satisfying,” she explained. Instagram/@jessicabiel

She further said that for people who multitask, eating in the shower can “relieve stress in so many ways.”

Bill concluded: “Chew, don’t open your mouth [and] Do not allow shower water to enter. That’s it, enjoy your shower. “

Her ingenious approach has been praised by mothers who either want to save time or want to eat in peace.

Biel gave her followers the details on how to successfully enjoy bath time. Instagram/@jessicabiel

“I have four kids and they eat my food and I 100 percent support that because it’s the only place where there’s privacy,” one fan commented.

“You mean I can eat chocolate and not share it with my 5-year-old,” another person quipped.

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Bill initially Take it to social media In December, she revealed her love for bath time meals, saying the most “appropriate foods” include cereal, yogurt, popsicles, coffee and tea.

She claims it’s important to have a wall shelf to hold your coffee or yogurt container. Instagram/@jessicabiel

She called the items “safe” because if they spilled, they would go directly into the sewer.

Biel previously showed off her shower snacks to her followers in 2017, when she showed off eating noodles in a black-and-white photo.

Then in 2020, she shared a now-deleted photo of an empty plate on a shower counter, which she explained was filled with chicken and apple sausage, per person.

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