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Jerry Bruckheimer provides ‘Top Gun 3’ update: Joseph Kosinski is working on a ‘brilliant’ story idea for Tom Cruise

Moviegoers had to wait 36 ​​years”Top Gun“and “Defender: Maverick” But the third film in the series may be released sooner. Paramount announces plans Filming of “Top Gun 3” will continue in January 2024. Tom Cruise Expected to return along with Glen Powell and Myles Teller.

Cruise has a busy schedule that includes a sequel to Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning and an untitled English-language feature Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, making it unlikely that he will start working on Top Gun 3 in the near future.But it is reported franchise producer jerry bruckheimerdirector of “Maverick” Joseph KosinskiThe new script is progressing well.

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“It would be Tom Cruise,” Bruckheimer said of the hypothetical third film in a recent interview. Screen roar“Tom was great. We spent time with him. We had a story. Joe Kosinski had a great story idea for it and he said, ‘I really love that,’ so we It’s being developed. But you never know when it’s going to happen because Tom is so busy with filming. He’s filming Mission: Impossible right now and he has a picture after that. Hopefully we’ll get one he likes script, and then we can air it again.”

Speculation about Top Gun 3 began almost immediately after the success of Maverick, but cast members have always acknowledged that the third film will ultimately hinge on Cruise’s willingness to return and the team’s ability to make more Lots of death-defying aerial stunts.

“So, will there be a ‘Top Gun 3’? If we can come up with more crazy things to do with airplanes, or a compelling, emotional, adventurous, romantic story, I believe Tom will be down,” Powell said in said in a statement. 2022 IndieWire Interviews“But it’s above my pay grade. Maybe you can pitch him while you’re talking to him!”

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