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Jeff Bezos says he’s leaving Seattle for Miami

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in a Seattle garage in 1994 and has poured billions of dollars into transforming the city into a tech boomtown. On Thursday, he said he was leaving his home of three decades and moving to Miami.

Mr Bezos, 59, announced his move In an Instagram post Thursday night, he said his parents recently moved back to Miami, where he attended high school, and he wanted to be closer to them and his partner, Lauren Sánchez.

Another factor, he said, is his rocket company’s operations, blue originincreasingly moving to Cape Canaveral, Florida, just over 200 miles north of Miami along the state’s Atlantic coast.

Bloomberg News reported last month According to Bloomberg, Mr. Bezos purchased a mansion in South Florida for $79 million, and a few months later he purchased a neighboring mansion for $68 million. According to Bloomberg, Mr. Bezos is worth $161 billion, making him the third richest person in the world.

Mr Bezos said in an Instagram post that he had “fond memories” of Seattle and had lived there longer than anywhere else. “As exciting as moving is, this is an emotional decision for me,” he wrote. “Seattle, you will.” will always have a piece of my heart. “

brief video Mr. Bezos’ announcement on Instagram showed him touring Amazon’s first office, a modest office outside a Seattle garage. The room contained several large white computers, a dry erase board covered in writing, and a fax machine sitting atop a gray filing cabinet.

“See this big orange extension cord?” Mr. Bezos, an energetic young man in jeans, once said to his father, the photographer. “That’s one of the things we have to have because there’s not enough power in there.” “This room. So we have to bring in some extra circuit breakers.”

“Well, that’s it,” he says with a barking voice at the end of the video, “a tour of the offices soon.”

It was unclear Thursday night how the people of Seattle or Miami felt about his move.

As Amazon has grown over the years into an online commerce giant, The world’s largest retailer outside China In 2021, it injected billions of dollars into the Seattle economy and helped Reshape its global reputation.

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