Jaylen Brown ‘wasn’t his biggest fan’ when Marcus Smart joined C’s

Jaylen Brown ‘wasn’t his biggest fan’ when Marcus Smart joined C’s Originally appeared in NBC Sports Boston

Jaylen Browncomplex relationship Marcus Smart It’s well documented.

former boston celtics Teammates were reportedly the center of controversy during the 2020 playoffs. have to separate In the locker room. Brown has been open about their conflict, Tell NBC Sports Boston Last year, he and Smart “went into fights, turned heads, all kinds of stuff.”

“I promise, you don’t even want to know the details,” he said at the time.

Brown and Smart’s tenure as Celtics teammates ended last June when Smart was shipped to the Celtics memphis grizzlies In three-team trade that brought big man Kristaps Porzingis Head to Boston.The C’s visit the Grizzlies on Sunday, though Smart unable to appear in courtThe reunion gave Brown a chance to reflect on his relationship with the veteran linebacker.

“I couldn’t stand Marcus at first,” Brown said with a smile. “I love him now. Sometimes you just grow and mature. As a young person, you learn things about people. You learn why people are the way they are. ‘s. You’ll get to know him.” Things that happen behind closed doors. “

In their final years as teammates, Brown and Smart put aside their differences and developed a close friendship.

“Me and Marcus, we didn’t get off to a great start,” Brown added. “When I first came to Boston, I wasn’t Marcus’ biggest fan. There were a lot of reasons… you You name it. As time went on, I realized that Marcus and I had a similar spirit, and if I were to go to war with anyone, Marcus would be the first call I would make.”

Brown and Smart played seven seasons together in Boston (2016-23). They made the playoffs every year, although Smart never achieved his long-term goal of bringing the Banner 18 to TD Garden.

Brown and the Celtics have a prime opportunity to accomplish that in 2024.With Porzingis and Jrue Holliday Currently, the Celtics are off to a 10-2 start and are widely regarded as the favorites to win the championship next June.

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