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Jason Momoa hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ for second time, but it’s musical guest Tate McCray who steals the show

Jason Momoa Return to host saturday night live It was the second time on Saturday, and while his duties resulted in some fun moments, it was musical guest Canadian pop star and dancer extraordinaire Tate McRae who really stole the show. .

one week later Timothée Chalamet participated to promote his upcoming film Wonkathe big-budget movie star theme continues, with Momoa showing up to support Aquaman and the Lost KingdomDespite the host’s star power, much of the buzz on social media focused on McCrea and her performance of the song “Greedy,” which paid homage to her dance roots.

Here’s what happened, what people are saying, and what happens next Saturday Night Live.

Momoa’s best moments

back Fortunately, nothing happened. Coming from Momoa, one of his most talked-about sketches of the night was thematically timely, as This show tells the story of the Thanksgiving Day Parade Thanksgiving Week Airport Parade at Newark Airport with Hudson News.

The parade featured a variety of traveler stereotypes, including “the woman who refused to check her bag,” “the woman who took Ambien too early,” “the woman with a clearly unnecessary service animal,” and “the woman who works for the Transportation Security Administration Personnel yelling the same thing 12 different ways.” Momoa plays an airline pilot and parade reporter at the airport’s Chili’s Bar.

Another fun moment from Momoa was a sketch based on a popular TikTok trend, in which People were asked how often they thought of the Roman EmpireMomoa ends up donning full gladiator armor and becomes one of three men rapping alongside Mickey Day and Keenan Thompson about why they think of ancient Rome so much.

McCree’s big day

this Evening musical guest McCrea, 20, initially gained notoriety after becoming the first Canadian finalist on the Fox dance reality competition show. So, do you think you can dance?2016, 13 years old.

Riding on this success, she released a song called “One Day” in 2017, which went viral on YouTube and TikTok. This earned her a recording contract with RCA Records, and over the next few years, her achievements include becoming the most-streamed female EP of 2021 on Spotify and becoming the most-streamed female artist on Forbes’ 2021 30 Under 30 list. young musician.

Her latest album, think about it laterdue out in early December, and on Saturday she performed the first single from it, “Greedy.”

McRae’s performance was a big moment; Abandoned all backup dancers Solo dance break attracted a lot of people’s attention There are some on X (formerly Twitter) Compare her to Britney Spears Early in her career, many were delighted to discover McCrea for the first time.

McCree too released a new song Known as “Grave” on the show.A day later, the show gained tons of new fans saturday night liveshe handed in Another epic performance “Greedy” at the Billboard Music Awards.

Looking to the future

The show will return on December 2 with Emma Stone as host. Make her a member of the Club of FiveWhile some legendary hosts have certainly surpassed that number, there are still a handful of stars who sit in that magical fifth spot, including Ben Affleck, Melissa McCarthy, Dwayne Johnson, Candace Bergen , Bill Murray, Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill.

Join musical guest Stone on December 2 Singer/Songwriter Noah Kahanan indie rock musician from Vermont.

saturday night live airs Saturday on NBC.

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