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James Comer changes tune on disgraced Biden probe witnesses

After House Republicans touted FBI informant’s credibility in connection with impeachment of president Joe Biden House Oversight Committee chairman broke down last week James Comer (R-Ky.) dared to claim Wednesday that this person is in fact “not an important part of this investigation.”

exist Biggest newsCuomo tried to downplay the importance of Alexander Smirnov, a Justice Department Charges last week Smirnov claimed that Biden took $5 million in bribes from Ukrainian oligarchs and lied to the FBI.According to the Ministry of Justice, Smirnov admitted later After his arrest, “officials associated with Russian intelligence were involved in passing on stories” about Biden’s son Hunter and a Ukrainian gas company where he worked.

During his court appearance Wednesday night, Cuomo claimed that while Smirnoff was one of the “bureau’s most trusted and highest-paid informants for more than a decade,” he “was not an important part of this investigation because I Don’t even know who” he is. I only know there is one 1023 [form] Suspected of bribery. “

Newsmax host Eric Bolling failed to ask tough questions probing Cuomo like CNN reporter Manu Raju earlier in the day represent. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is another outspoken supporter of Smirnoff’s unsubstantiated accusations. Instead, Cuomo was allowed to claim — without any resistance — that it was actually Democrats “playing the ‘Russia’ card.”

‘This is what Dan Goldman did,’ Cuomo insists after watching clip from New York Democrats explain On Tuesday, CNN said that if House Republicans continue to seek impeachment after Smirnov’s arrest, “they are just doing Vladimir Putin’s job to help Donald Trump Win the November election. “

Cuomo’s comments to Newsmax prompted him and some other congressional Republicans to trumpet Smirnov.

“To me, that’s really the heart of this,” Cuomo said last month “The most damning evidence we have is a Form 1023 from this highly credible classified individual,” Fox’s report on Smirnoff’s accusation said.

House Democrats on Judiciary Committee a post on .

A Republican colleague said on CNN on Wednesday that such comments were unwise.

“We were warned that the credibility of this statement was unclear, yet my colleagues went out and spoke to the public about the credibility and egregiousness of this statement,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) Said about source“This appears to be entirely false and really undermines the nature of the allegation.”

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