It’s official: John Oliver’s pūteketeke wins Bird of the Century award by a landslide

After an exciting two weeks of campaign filled with highs and lows, the winged creature john oliver last week tonight Recognized as New Zealand’s Bird of the Century, it is flying triumphantly.

pūteketeke’s whirlwind global campaign includes billboards and ads on every continent, polling website crashes, frustrated New Zealanders and John Oliver in a bird costume tonight showamong other things.

Here’s a look at how the Putkotek bird’s flight path went from a mostly unknown waterbird to a buzzing part of international pop culture.

how it started

oliver Attracted to the game first Thanks for joining viral video Featuring the Kakapo, known as the world’s fattest parrot, the show also digs deep into the history of the competition to uncover more scandals.

He learned that the birds had their own mobile event managers at the competition and decided that the show would put effort and budget behind the pūteketeke. Doing so means India, Japan, France, Brazil and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in addition to New Zealand.

The host also wore pūteketeke clothing when he guest-starred on the show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Really raising awareness of his campaign.

how is the progress

While Oliver’s attempts at making Putke the bird of the century are all interesting; Attention also brings some disadvantagesAs various media reports and other social media figures questioned him, Forest & Bird, the organization running the contest, said its “vote verification system was overloaded and temporarily crashed.”

Other bird activities did However, Oliver’s appearance was interesting enough that someone put up multiple billboards that read, “Dear John, don’t mess with the pecking order.” Many people also mentioned Oliver’s appearance on the show in 2019 as one of the Voiced by a bird named Zazu. lion kingone of the billboards read: “The only bird worse than Putkotek is Zazu.”

How does it end?

Just as Oliver predicted, Putkotek won the Bird of the Century and won hugely. He played a clip announcing the news, in which the two hosts weren’t overly enthusiastic about it, with one adding “John Oliver would be excited.” And they were right.

“I’m excited about it, even though you guys obviously aren’t,” Oliver said.

He went on to note that he was also somewhat relieved, considering the past competitions the show has entered have not always gone as planned. Like the Duck Stamp Contest, which resulted in multiple entries either being disqualified or receiving zero votes, the thawing of frozen Alaskan rivers predicts they’re “not even close.”

This isn’t just a victory for Oliver and pūteketeke; real To put things in perspective, second place North Island Brown Kiwi received 13,000 votes, while Putkotek received 290,374 votes, more votes than the other pigeons in the top ten combined.

“When you talk about historic, unprecedented levels of dominance, the conversation now starts and ends with Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams and Putkotek,” Oliver said. “They’re the GOAT right now, the best people ever.” Nothing else comes close. “

The historic victory included certified votes from 195 countries, which Oliver noted is two more than the current number of member states of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, many of the other participating birds also made interesting concessions to the big winner, such as a bird pecking at a picture of Oliver dressed as Putkotek, and the mascot delivering an emotional concession speech through a publicist.

Perhaps the biggest prize of all is the metal sculpture Forest & Bird produces each year for the winner, and Oliver and Pūteketeke’s metal sculpture includes the owner’s mold, which he says can be “removed if you wish”.ordered herethe proceedings will involve the conservation of forests and birds.

Finally, Oliver once again put on the Putke Tec costume and gave a victory speech, concluding: “Let me say this loud and proud again. Putke Teck today, Putke Teck tomorrow.” Turk, Putke Turk for the next 100 years. We did it.” , We did it! “

last week tonight with john oliver It airs Sundays at 11pm on HBO.

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