Israel-Gaza war live: US veto of UN resolution calling for ceasefire with Hamas criticized

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Here are some photos we recently received via news wires, taken in the southern city of Khan Younis, Gaza’s second-largest urban area, where the Israeli offensive has intensified in recent days.

Injured Palestinians stand at Al-Nasser Hospital after the Israeli attack on Khan Younis in southern Gaza on December 9. The Hamas-controlled health ministry said the death toll in Gaza had reached 17,487, mostly women and children. Photo: Ibrahim Abu Mustafa/Reuters
Injured Palestinian children sit on the floor of Al-Nasser Hospital after the Israeli attack on Khan Younis in southern Gaza on December 9.
Palestinian children sit on the floor of Al-Nasser Hospital after the Israeli attack on Khan Younis in southern Gaza on December 9. Photo: Ibrahim Abu Mustafa/Reuters

The US decision to block a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire has been strongly condemned by human rights groups.

Agnes Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty InternationalCalling the U.S. decision to veto the resolution “morally untenable.” Callamard said:

Faced with the staggering death toll, massive destruction and unprecedented humanitarian disaster in the occupied Gaza Strip, the United States showed callous disregard for the suffering of civilians by vetoing the resolution.

The United States blatantly uses its veto power and weaponizes it to strong-arm the United Nations Security Council, further damaging the credibility and ability of the Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities for maintaining international peace and security.

There is no reason to continue to prevent the UN Security Council from taking meaningful action to stop mass civilian bloodshed. The use of veterinarians is ethically indefensible and a failure of the United States’ responsibilities to prevent atrocity crimes and uphold international law.

In addition to blocking the passage of a ceasefire to end massive humanitarian suffering in Gaza, aid the return of hostages, and calm rising tensions in the region, the United States continues to transfer U.S.-made munitions to the Israeli government, which helps the entire family of destruction.

As the only country conducting the review, it is clear that the United States is isolated from much of the world and a large portion of its own population. It completely lacks global leadership and fails to understand the historical significance of the present. “

The United States was the only Security Council member to vote against the draft resolution, while the United Kingdom abstained.

Hamas health minister: Israeli attack on Khan Younis kills six

An Israeli attack on the southern city of Khan Younis killed six people and five others were killed in a separate attack in Rafah, Hamas’ health ministry said on Saturday. The latest death toll in Gaza is 17,487, mostly women and children.

Welcome to our ongoing live coverage of the Israel-Hamas war.It’s just after 7:20 a.m. Gaza City and Tel Aviv. The following is a review of the latest progress:

  • Human rights groups accuse the United States of blocking a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Human Rights Watch says the United States risks “complicity in war crimes” by continuing to provide aid Israel With weapons and diplomatic cover.

  • The United States on Friday ignored calls from its Arab allies and the United Nations secretary-general to support an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gazabut vetoed the resolution. Voting results The vote on the 15-member council was 13 to 1 Britain abstainedMeanwhile, the Biden administration Reportedly asking for congressional approval Sold 45,000 rounds of artillery shells to Israeli Merkava tanks for use in its Gaza offensive.

  • Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, said the U.S. decision to block the resolution was “a turning point in history.” in a Strongly worded address Mansour told the Security Council after the vote that the results were “regrettable” and “catastrophic” and warned that an extension of the war in Gaza “means the continuation of atrocities and the loss of more innocent lives.” and more destruction”.

  • Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, thanked the United States and Joe Biden for vetoing the draft Security Council resolution. Erdan posted a message on social media praising the US president “Stand firmly on our side” and demonstrate “leadership and values.”

  • Hamas condemned the U.S. veterinarians at the United Nations Security Council, calling them “unethical and inhumane.” “The United States is directly participating in the occupying forces’ killing of our people and carrying out more massacres and ethnic cleansing by obstructing the ceasefire resolution,” said Ezhat Reshik, a member of the organization’s political bureau.

  • The UN security vote came after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a dramatic warning and said civil order in Gaza was collapsingGuterres earlier this week chose Taking the extremely rare step of invoking Article 99 of the United Nations Charterallowing him to draw the Security Council’s attention to threats to world security.

  • The head of the main UN agency in Gaza (UNRWA) said this was the “darkest moment” in the organization’s history. Philippe Lazzarini said the agency was “barely” functioning in Gaza and that its staff, at least 130 of whom have been killed, “bring their children to work so they know they are safe , or we might die together. ‘Right at our fingertips,’ he said.

  • The International Committee of the Red Cross says it is concerned by images of half-naked Palestinian men paraded by Israeli troops in GazaWhile Israeli media initially suggested that the images, apparently taken by at least one Israeli soldier, showed the surrender of Hamas fighters, several of the men in the photos Identified as civilians, including a journalist.

  • The European Commission has announced that it will provide €125 million (£107.2 million, $134 million) in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in 2024. The funds will be used to support humanitarian organizations working in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, the committee said said in a statement on Friday.

  • Tributes pour in Palestinian poet Refaat Alarel On Friday, friends said he was killed in an attack in Gaza. Alarel, a fierce denouncer of Israel and its policies toward Palestinians, is one of the leaders of a younger generation of writers in Gaza who have chosen to write in English to tell their stories, and his friends have described facing Israeli army attacks time of resistance. In the Gaza Strip.

  • More journalists have been killed in Israel’s war with Hamas than in any other conflict in more than 30 years said the leading organization representing journalists around the world. Number of deaths of media workers each yearThe International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) says 94 journalists have been killed so far this year and nearly 400 others have been imprisoned.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu refuted the Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister’s remarks: Hamas After the war, it can serve as a junior partner in governing Gaza. Mohammad Shtayyeh, Minister of Authority, said in the interview The Palestinian Authority is working with U.S. officials on plans to govern Gaza after the current conflict ends. ‘The Palestinian Authority is not the solution,’ Israeli PM responded.

  • More than a dozen World Health Organization member states submitted a draft resolution on Friday urging Israel to respect its international law obligations. Separately, the United Nations said late Thursday that only 14 of the 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip were still functioning normally.

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