iOS 17.4 Beta adds 118 new emojis, among which phoenix is ​​fire.

Apple’s iOS 17.4 beta releases 118 new emojis, according to a recent report Emojipedia Blog Articleincluding two yes or no shaking head emojis, a fire phoenix, a lime slice, a mushroom and a broken link.

As Emojipedia notes, these six speeches are “completely new emoji concepts.” However, the rest of the emojis build on already established characters.

iOS 17.4 beta new emojis

In addition to the Sixfold emoji concept, you’ll also find four gender-neutral family emojis in the following combinations:

  • adult,adult,child

  • adult, child, child

  • adults, children

  • adult,adult,child,child

“In addition to introducing these four new gender-neutral family emojis, the iOS 17.4 beta also changes all existing family emoji designs,” Emojipedia said.

In other words, the family emoji set no longer has its current colorful aesthetic, but now has a white silhouette appearance on a gray background.

iOS 17.4 Beta also introduces 108 new directional character emojis with different skin tones and genders for the following characters:

iOS 17.4 is expected to roll out to the wider public this spring.

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