Internet conspiracy about Baltimore bridge collapse spirals out of control

Conspiracy theorists and far-right extremists blame nearly everything and everyone for Tuesday morning’s events Baltimore bridge collapse.

An incomplete list of those to blame for the bridge collapse listed on Telegram and Star People, Sri Lanka, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Awakening, Ukraine, Foreign Aid, CIA, Jews, Israel, Russia, China, Iran, Covid Vaccine, DEI, Immigration, Black People, and Lockdowns.

Francis Scott Key Truss Bridge Collapse when. . .when MV Dali The cargo ship collided with one of the bridge supports. Six construction workers who were filling potholes on the bridge were presumed dead. The ship belongs to Singapore’s Grace Ocean Private Ltd., and the 22 crew members on board are all Indians. The ship was en route to Colombo, Sri Lanka, when the accident occurred.

That hasn’t stopped people from “raising questions” about the incident, a common conspiracy theory response to major events. While conspiracy theorists struggle to pinpoint exactly what conspiracy caused the collapse, one thing they do agree on is that the event was a “black swan event.”

the term black swan event “The term has been around for decades to describe major global events (usually in financial markets) that could cause significant damage to a country’s economy. But in recent years, the term has been used by conspiracy theorists to explain why Events caused by the so-called Deep State foreshadow an impending revolution, World War III, or some other apocalyptic catastrophe.

One of the first to call bridge collapse a black swan event was disgraced former US national security adviser Michael Flynn. “This is a black swan event,” he wrote on Lin’s post has been viewed 7.2 million times.

Misogyny influencer Andrew Tate Romania accused of rape and human traffickingHe also posted on X early Tuesday morning, writing: “Nothing is safe. A black swan event is imminent.” The post has been viewed nearly 19 million times.

the term Black Swan Soon, conspiracy theorists, extremists and right-wing lawmakers began to explain what or who triggered this “black swan event”.

A post claims a link between bridge collapse and movie leave the world behind The post, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, said that since the ship was bound for Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka’s flag has a lion, the situation was linked to the ship that was scurrying around at the beginning of the film. The name of the ship is “Lion”. white lionThe post also pointed out that the film was produced by Obama.

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