IDF says photos of Israeli hostages held in Gaza were found on laptop at Shifa hospital

Photos and videos were found on the laptop showing 200 Israeli hostages being kidnapped into Gaza. Attack on Al Shifa Hospital, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The photos were taken after hostages were rushed to Gaza after Hamas terrorists launched a deadly attack on Israel on October 7. IDF neutral Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricks told foreign media, told bbc news On Wednesday, producers accompanied Israeli soldiers into Shifa.

“We found a number of computers and other devices that really shed light on the situation and hopefully the hostage situation,” Conricks said.

The laptops were also allegedly found to contain footage recently released by Israeli police of the interrogation of captured Hamas terrorists.

The BBC said it had not seen the contents of the laptop and claimed its reporters were not allowed to speak to hospital patients or doctors during the “strictly controlled” visit.

A mid-level IDF officer showed off a laptop found at Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital that allegedly contained photos of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.
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The Israel Defense Forces discovered several weapons stockpiles during a raid on Gaza’s main hospital on Wednesday.
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Conricus did show reporters a Kalashnikov assault rifle, ammunition and a ballistic vest stored in the hospital’s MRI facility,

An IDF representative said that the Israeli army’s raids resulted in the seizure of approximately 15 guns and grenades.

An Arabic-language military pamphlet published by Hamas’s military wing was also found inside Gaza’s main hospital, as well as a map that Conricus said plotted potential routes in and out of the besieged medical center where hundreds of Patients and staff found themselves trapped there.

A member of the Israeli army shows off what appears to be a bulletproof vest found inside Shifa hospital.
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The Israeli military said its commandos found the Kalashnikov inside the hospital’s MRI facility.
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Conricus said Hamas militants had been present in Shifa “within the past few days.”

The IDF crowd said it all showed Hamas hiding its command center beneath a Gaza hospital to avoid airstrikes.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli forces stormed Al Shifa, searching room by room inside the medical center for terrorists, weapons and other evidence that Hamas had been using the hospital as its headquarters.

The Israeli military said weapons and military equipment found at the hospital showed the site had been used as a Hamas command center.
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The Israel Defense Forces said a total of about 15 guns were found in Shifa, as well as grenades, ammunition and other equipment.
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Gaza’s health ministry said there was no water, food or baby milk in Shifa, which is crowded with 650 patients and 7,000 people displaced by weeks of airstrikes.

Medical staff previously said dozens of patients, including three premature babies, had died in hospitals due to a lack of electricity and basic supplies.

Israel maintains that Hamas has a headquarters in a complex of tunnels beneath the hospital – a claim that Israel objects to. Endorsed by President Biden.

“Hamas committed its first war crime, they hid their headquarters and their troops underneath a hospital. That’s a fact,” Biden said Wednesday.

After several days of siege, IDF troops raided the Gaza hospital complex.
Associated Press
On Thursday, commandos continued to search the hospital in search of an underground Hamas control center.
Israeli Army/AFP via Getty Images

But 24 hours after taking control of Shifa, the Israeli army has still not provided evidence of the existence of Hamas’s underground command post.

Israeli commandos continued to search the hospital building on Thursday.

“The operation was carried out as we learned that terrorist infrastructure was hidden within the complex,” an IDF official said.

Hamas denies operating in Al Shifa and accuses Israel of planting weapons shown to the BBC to justify treating the hospital as a military target.

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