Hundreds of OpenAI employees threaten to quit and join Microsoft

Most OpenAI employees have threatened to resign from the company and join Microsoft, which has Hiring OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and former OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman to lead a new “advanced artificial intelligence research team.”In a letter to the OpenAI board of directors reported this morning go through wired and Reporter Kara SwisherMore than 500 current OpenAI employees said, “Microsoft has assured us that this new subsidiary will have positions for all OpenAI employees if we choose to join.”

The letter states that if the board does not reinstate Altman and Brockman, OpenAI employees will resign, but given that the board has made a choice to stay and appoint a new CEO, while Altman and Brockman left for Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft may have just found Austria. Terman’s first few hundred employees, assuming their commitment to the company to employ all employees was correct.

OpenAI employees signed the letter, accusing the company’s board of jeopardizing their jobs and “undermining our mission and company.” They also rejected the idea that OpenAI was moving too quickly without regard for safety. “Our work on AI safety and governance impacts global norms,” they wrote.

Swisher reports that OpenAI currently has 700 employees and is still adding more signatures to the letter. The letter appears to have been written before last night’s incident, suggesting it had been circulating before Ultraman was fired. This also means that even if the OpenAI board is willing to take action as required by the memo, it may be too late.

Microsoft created a special “Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research Team” to house some former OpenAI employees, and Sam Altman was offered the title of CEO to lead the unit.This is an unusual move for Microsoft outside of an acquisition, as the company typically only uses the title CEO for large department heads, such as microsoft gamesor acquire companies like LinkedIn and GitHubOpenAI employees made it clear that Microsoft views the acquisition as a major acquisition and assured current employees that there are openings at Microsoft to join Sam Altman and his team.

Altman was hired just hours after negotiations with the OpenAI board over the weekend failed to return him as OpenAI CEO.Instead, former Twitch CEO and co-founder Emmett Shear named interim CEOHe will succeed Mira Murati, who was named interim CEO of OpenAI following Altman’s shock firing on Friday. Murati is the first on a list of OpenAI employees threatening to join Microsoft.

Microsoft’s new advanced artificial intelligence research team is led by Altman and Brockman, just a week after Microsoft announced that it has been established Build your own customized artificial intelligence chip Can be used to train large language models and potentially avoid expensive dependence on Nvidia. Altman has reportedly been pitching an independent startup to investors recently to build a custom AI tensor processing unit (TPU) chip that could compete with Nvidia. New York Times.

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