Hundreds of daddy long legs cover camper’s tent in chilling video

This is sure to give anyone goosebumps.

Hundreds of daddy long-legs cover the outside of a backpacker’s tent in remote Clark Lake National Park in Alaska. Recent videos posted by National Parks Shown in gruesome detail.

The video shows the spiders – dubbed “reapers” and not actually spiders – crawling over every inch of the screen above the heads of people inside the tent.

Campers scanned their tents with flashlights, illuminating hundreds of moving daddy-long-legs thickly covering the tents.

Clark Lake State Park and Preserve shared this spooky video, along with a spooky poem, for Halloween.

“In the remote depths of the vast, wild wilderness of Lake Clark, a weary backpacker spent the night at a campsite after a long day of exploring,” park officials wrote in a Facebook post. “Little did they know, Creatures of the night lurk in the woods, waiting for the right moment to strike terror.”

Video captured hundreds of daddy long legs crowding a backpacker’s tent in Alaska’s remote Lake Clark National Park.
Lake Clark State Park and Preserve

Officials warn the real-life horror is not for the faint of heart.

The post read: “The tired explorers snuggled into their warm sleeping bags and dozed off in their dreams… Suddenly they were awakened by the feeling of the forest being covered in creepy crawlies, only to find that their nightmares had become a reality. “Hundreds of Daddy Long Legs have engulfed the tent!”

Many reviewers said they were revisiting their next camping trip.

Campers showed off the moment they shined a flashlight on their tent, illuminating hundreds of moving daddy-long-legs.
Lake Clark State Park and Preserve

One person called the video “one of the creepiest Halloween videos” they had seen online that day.

But national parks don’t scare people.

The next day, officials Posted a second clip During the day, sounds came from inside the tent, and groups of reapers crowded on the tent screen.

Lake Clark State Park and Preserve released the video on Halloween and viewers were left terrified.
Lake Clark State Park and Preserve

The park service explains that scientists aren’t sure why dozens of daddy long-legs gather closely together in groups called “gatherings,” but they have several guesses about this common behavior.

“This behavior is common among these long-legged creatures, but there is no direct explanation for why they do it,” Clark Lake National Park and Preserve said in a Facebook post. Researchers speculate that the aggregations form for mating, humidity control, or Deter predators. “

In the fall, the weather is usually dry and harvesters are more likely to gather together.

Scientists aren’t sure why daddy-long-legs gather closely together in groups called “aggregates.”
Lake Clark State Park and Preserve

Park officials say their small body and long-legged design make them easy to dry out, while clustering together helps maintain moisture.

Daddy long legs lack silk and venom glands – making them different from spiders – and cannot bite humans. In fact, they are considered beneficial because their diet includes bugs and other pests.

This oddly shaped arachnid is thought to be a close relative of spiders, but is actually more closely related to scorpions.

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