How ‘Wish’ reunited the ‘Frozen’ filmmaking team and developed the concept of ‘Disney princesses’

Disney isn’t lying when it comes to promoting its latest animated adventure; hopeas from the manufacturer freezing.

The new film is a literal reunion of the key players from the 2013 pop culture phenomenon and its 2019 sequel: freezing Screenwriter and Co-Director Jennifer Lee is one of the writers hope (She also happens to be the head of Disney Animation now); Co-Director Chris Buck Return in the same role (This time with Fawn Vera Shuntongwho has worked freezingart department); and lead producer Peter Del Vejo Back (here) Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Joneswho works on developing Frozen 2).

After the duo achieved great success freezing Movie – Grossing over $2.7 billion at the global box office, one of There may be two more installments –Why doesn’t Disney get the same team to run it again?

Inevitably, hopeabout a 17-year-old girl named Asha (Ariana DeBose) rebels against the brutal, wish-repressing ruler of the Mediterranean kingdom of Roxas (Chris Pine), with whom he has more in common freezing More so than its Arendelle-powered ancestry.

“I think all the things that are important to us freezingThis big epic fairy tale, the strong female character, the incredible music, those were all our goals,” Lee told Yahoo Entertainment, adding that the film was also inspired by the film’s 100th anniversary. walt disney Studio and Contains Over 100 Easter eggs and references Past Mouse House movies.

“What’s exciting about this movie is that it’s a bridge because there are so many people [from] this freezing team and combine with many new filmmakers and new songwriters [like] Julia Michaels, new generation, fresh and talented…so this isn’t freezingwhich is its own thing, but it is [similar] In the love and fun of our spirit. “

Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Everett Collection

Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Everett Collection

“I think the DNA is basically a love of Disney, a love of all the movies that we grew up with, a love of all the great storytelling that Walt was the master of,” Barker said. I think that’s the reason.” freezing From.where is that hope “Coming from. So I think that’s the DNA of Disney.”

“They definitely have a similar energy,” added DeBose, who won a 2022 Oscar for the film west side story“But I think it’s great that these stories exist in their own world. I mean, who knows if one of our songs is going to be the next ‘Let It Go.’ But I think the important thing is, No matter how you look at success, this story, to me, feels like an epic story freezing, every element of the Disney classic is incorporated into our film, which is very exciting to me. “

Where hope also very clearly deviates from freezing For years, Disney has struggled to balance the studio’s storied legacy with new “Disney princesses” (and all the marketing tie-ins, costumes, dolls, etc.) that come with them, while also realizing that the conceit has become increasingly overdone. It’s time.

In recent years, Disney animators have been making their female characters stronger and more powerful, no longer damsels in distress but warriors willing to fight. Mulan, Merida (brave) Moana and Raya (raya and the last dragon) is not your grandmother’s Disney princess.Some people, like Moana, even go to great lengths reject title.

Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose) meets the stars in her wish.  (Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Everett Collection)Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose) meets the stars in her wish.  (Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Everett Collection)

Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose) meets Star in the film hope(Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Everett Collection) (©The Walt Disney Company/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Unlike Elsa and Anna, Asha is no Filmmakers will tell you that Royalty, which essentially clears her of the princess moniker — even if she was already considered part of sisterhood By fans.

“What’s interesting? [is] If you look at the original fairy tale [many] “Princess is a different concept,” Li said. freezingbeing a princess puts a lot of pressure on them, and being a queen, you have responsibilities… That’s part of the reason why we made Anna and Elsa royals, because of the princess legacy, but because it puts everything on them. For Asha, what really excites me is the ordinary hero’s journey, [and] Still facing special circumstances. “

“She’s very ordinary, and we think that makes her incredibly relatable,” Del Veco said. “I think there’s something about her that we can all see ourselves in. Of course, ours Heroines change over time. We’re trying to make these movies feel timely and relatable. “It’s timeless. So it has to feel like the world we live in but also feel like it’s timeless.” Stands the test of time. I think Asha has done that.”

“I think it’s really cool that Asha takes us into uncharted territory,” DeBose said. “It starts a whole new chapter for Disney animation… She starts what I think is the tradition of what we call a princess or a princess at Disney path. The heroine, and then she decisively chooses her own path, and I think that’s what young people should emulate, isn’t it?”

hope It will be released across Taiwan on November 22.

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