How to Watch Lisa Vanderpump’s Hilarious New Show “Vanderpump Villa” for Free

Although this season “Vanderpump Rules” Coming to an end, that’s not the only way to collaborate with Lisa Vanderpump this spring.

More than a decade after she first opened up to the cameras, the “RHOBH” alum is taking fans on a tour of another one of her ventures, Chateau Rosabelle in France. Hulu original documentary Vanderpump Villa.

Plus, you don’t need cable to watch every episode of the hit new show; starting with its April 1 premiere, it will Available on demand on Hulu.

To make your next reality TV binge even easier, the streaming service even offers new members a one-month free trial of its ad-free plan.

If the explosive trailer — which focuses on the relationship between the crew and what Lisa says “could actually screw up the whole thing” — is any indication, the series is definitely (or should we say, SUR? ) will follow in “Vanderpump’s” footsteps and make TV headlines.

“Vanderpump Villa is a curated luxury experience; it’s more than just a hotel, it’s a fantasy,” the titular restaurant expert says in the trailer, warning employees that “there’s a fine line between professionalism and being too personal.” There’s a fine line between that.”

The actors all lived together while filming the show. gourd

“I’m not trying so hard to let these little pretentious people mess it up,” she added.

According to a press release, the unscripted show promises to showcase everything from “pyrotechnic-filled proposals” to different types of pyrotechnics through “heinous conflicts in the French countryside.”

Who is the cast of “Vanderpump”?

The cast of Vanderpump Villa clink glasses
The show’s trailer promises plenty of drama for the crew at the high-end villa. gourd

The show will feature plenty of theatrics from 12 waiters and staff, including event coordinators, bartenders, butlers, waiters, chefs and the castle manager. (Although the show is filmed entirely in France, the entire cast is from France.) Status. )

As with “Vanderpump Rules,” these up-and-coming reality stars — hand-selected by “RHOBH” alumni — will navigate their own complex rivalries and romances on-air while creating a high-end experience for guests.

The French spin-off’s plot extends far beyond the kitchen, too; the stars lived together 24/7 at the luxurious estate during filming.

“Vanderpump” trailer

What is Vanderpump Villas?

Lisa Vanderpump at the table with her staff
The show took place at a luxury pop-up store in the south of France. gourd

The show centers on a palatial estate in the south of France, officially known as Chateau Rosabell. (“No one is as sophisticated as the French,” Vanderpump says in the trailer.)

Amid her lavish travels and intense moments, the star will evaluate whether the luxury “pop-up” hotel experience is worth making a permanent part of her restaurant and bar empire.

When will “Vanderpump” premiere?

Hulu streams new episodes every week. gourd

The first three episodes of “Vanderpump Villa” will air on Hulu on April 1, 2024, with new episodes each week until May 20.

To make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, be sure to Start your free 30-day Hulu trial now.After all, if Scandoval is any signthis new “Vanderpump” show could make a splash.

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