How to start a conversation with a new LinkedIn link

Someone accepted your request to connect on LinkedIn. yeah! What should we do now?

Now, you need to start a conversation.

Don’t let new connections sit in the water. Here’s how to start a conversation with a new LinkedIn link:

How to start a conversation on LinkedIn?

To start a conversation with your LinkedIn connections, start by writing a friendly subject line. Then, introduce yourself and offer your support. Make sure not to ask for any help just yet!

Start with the subject line

Is it difficult to write your initial message? Here are some topic ideas to get you started (you can elaborate in your feed).

For a basic subject line, you can start with:

  • Thanks for the link!
  • Nice to meet you!

If you like the articles they write/share, you can start with:

  • Love your article!
  • Thank you for sharing your insights.

If you meet your new LinkedIn contact in person, you can start with the following:

Self introduction


Send a short message to your new LinkedIn connection shortly after connecting. You can start by introducing yourself and then detail why you want to connect in the first place.

Mention something you have in common. Please feel free to ask them their goals and interest. What do they want to accomplish? What do they like to do? Highlight commonalities. This will help build stronger personal connections.

Provide your support

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we can not pressure how important this is Provide value to your connections, especially during your first conversation. This shows that you are a valuable contact who is willing and willing to help you make a connection.

Offering your support can be as simple as saying “If there is anything I can do to offer support or anyone my network I can introduce you to someone, please let me know. Happy to help. “ You don’t have to overdo it in your first message. Short sentences like the one above work well. Just let them know about your offer.

Don’t ask for any help just yet

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Don’t ask for anything from your new relationship unless it will benefit them in some way.

For example, if you need them to quote you for an upcoming blog post you’re writing, emphasize the fact that you’ll be heavily promoting the post and it will give them some exposure.You can seek help after publishing your professional relationship With this person, you have a history of providing value without expecting anything in return.

What is a good introductory message on LinkedIn?

A good introductory message has three parts: a subject line, a sentence or two introducing yourself, and a sentence that provides support.

Here is an example: “Thanks for reaching out! I noticed you’re also attending XYZ University. Come on Bobcats! If there’s anything I can do to provide support or anyone on my team, please let me know network I can introduce it to you. Happy to help! “

What to do when someone contacts you…

Man on laptop accepts new link request from someone on LinkedIn


When someone contacts you and asks to be contacted, Make sure you send them a message immediately after accepting their request The message reads: “Thanks for reaching out. It was great to meet you.” That way, if they forget to message you, you’ll be sitting in their inbox, happy and ready to chat.

Starting a conversation with a new LinkedIn connection is easy once you know how to do it right. Next time you want to connect with new people on LinkedIn, follow these four steps. You’ll expand your professional network in no time!

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