How to Reply to Unanswered Emails from a Job Search

some people experience anxiety When their emails go unanswered. The anxiety caused by unanswered emails is particularly acute among people who: job seeker.

At least once a day, clients contact me in a frustrated panic because of an email they sent to a colleague days ago, a perspective network contact, an online application, RecruitmentWait for the answer yet. Each time, I introduce them to three tips they should follow to increase their chances of getting the answer.

they are…

1. Wait a full work week before following up

While it may feel like months to you and the person you’re emailing, a week may feel like a day. If they haven’t gotten back to you yet, that just means you’re not considered to need an immediate reply. This doesn’t mean they’re saying “no” to your request, they’re just saying “not right now.”

2. Never send a tweet on Monday


Even the happiest people can feel a little under the weather on Monday. We call it the weekend flu. You could call it the “weekend flu” monday bluesRegardless, it puts people in the mood to say “no” faster.

So even if it’s a full work week, don’t do anything if it’s Monday.

3. Send the value next time instead of asking for help again

Job seeker holding laptop has good idea for follow-up email


when you finally do it follow up, don’t send a “just wanted to check if you received my request” note. It’s like putting a hot poker on their back. They know they’re not getting back to you, and they probably don’t know it doesn’t feel good. They don’t need you to point it out.

instead, Find an article online that you think they’ll be interested in and pass it along with a simple comment Like this: “I saw this and thought of you – I hope you like it!” That’s it. You will be respected for refraining from asking obvious questions.In addition, you will be provided with some professional value.

As they say, “You have to give to get!” Follow the tips above and I guarantee more of your emails will be answered.While some people may still end up saying “no” or never reply, the likelihood of those who initially fail to reply will eventually follow up Your helpfulness will increase when you are patient, polite, and most importantly, focused on helping them.

Whether you are waiting for a response to your online application, job interviewor web requests, a combination of patience and strategic persistence will serve you well.

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