How ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry cheated death multiple times over the years

Matthew Perry died of apparent drowning He was 54 on Saturday.

After a two-hour pickleball game in the morning, the actor returned home and asked his assistant to run errands for him.

Upon returning, his assistant found Perry unresponsive in the jacuzzi and called 911.

In a statement to Page Six, the LAPD confirmed they “responded to the 1800 block of Blue Sail Road to investigate the death of a male.” [at] Today at 4:10 pm. “

They also revealed that the man was “in his 50s.”

Matthew Perry sadly passed away on Saturday at the age of 54.
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First responders found his body in the jacuzzi of his Los Angeles home.
Associated Press

Los Angeles Fire Department insider Brian Humphrey also told us their first responders received a “water rescue or water emergency” call at 4 p.m.

He could not confirm whether the body was found in a bathtub, swimming pool or hot tub but firefighters did not render aid.

Murder is not believed to have been a factor in his death and no drugs were found at the scene.

However, long before his death, the “Friends” actor had been facing death for years.

The Friends star previously revealed that he spent months in the hospital due to a ruptured colon caused by drug abuse.
Mario Anzoni/Splash News

In his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers and Terrible Events” He revealed that he “I almost died a few years ago. At age 49, his colon exploded from opioid overdose.

At the time, his publicist announced that he had suffered a “gastrointestinal perforation,” but in fact he had been in a coma for two weeks and spent five months in the hospital with a ruptured colon. He was also forced to wear a colostomy bag for nine years. Treating a health crisis for months.

More you’ll love from Page Six…

Perry wrote that doctors told his family he had only a 2 percent chance of survival and was hooked up to an ECMO machine to regulate his breathing and heartbeat.

Perry said the thought of having to wear a colostomy bag permanently helped him stay sane.

While Perry was in rehab in 2020, he received CPR when his heart stopped.
Instagram/Matthew Perry

“My therapist said, ‘Next time you think about taking OxyContin, think about having a colostomy bag for the rest of your life,'” Perry told People. “A little window opened, and I crawled Now that I’m in, I don’t need OxyContin anymore.”

This wasn’t the only time The Whole Nine Yards star nearly died.

Around November 2020, during one of his many recoveries, doctors injected him with propofol, which interacted severely with the hydrocodone in his system, causing his heart to stop for five minutes.

Learn more about the life and struggles of Matthew Perry:

Perry struggled with drugs and alcohol for decades.
University of North Carolina

CPR saved his life, but eight ribs were broken in the process, preventing him from filming his scene with Meryl Streep in Don’t Look Up.

Perry, of course, had dodged death by being addicted to drugs and alcohol for years.

He has been an alcoholic since the age of 14 and began taking opioids after a jet ski accident while filming “Jumpin'”.

He started drinking when he was 14, and became addicted to drugs after an accident while filming “Jumpin'”.

While filming Friends, Perry revealed that he once Drink a quart of vodka 55 Vicodin pills per day.

Perry reckons he Spend millions Been pursuing sobriety for years.

“I probably spent $9 million or something trying to stay sober,” he told The New York Times.

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