How artificial intelligence can achieve lending goals, says one technology leader

In elementary school, Sara Knochel already showed signs of becoming a future computer scientist, thanks to a growing interest in mathematics and languages.

In the years since, Knochel has used those skills to help provide solutions Some of the toughest issues facing the mortgage industry today.

Her computer science degree led her to an initial job at Loanperformance, which was later acquired by Corelogic, and ultimately into her current role Candor Technology Leadership RolesBut during this time, Knochel earned her MBA, which led her to other opportunities in financial services, where she saw how data analytics could be used to track loan performance in various areas.

Her expertise initially brought her to Alpharetta, Ga.-based Candor in 2018 as a consultant, where she now serves as both chief operating officer and chief of staff.

Knochel recently spoke with National Mortgage News about how to leverage the wealth of data available in the industry to help mortgage lenders make accurate and unbiased decisions while addressing concerns the industry may have about trust in technology.

The interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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