How 3 million “hacked” toothbrushes became an internet urban legend

Documents obtained exclusively by WIRED show AI surveillance software tracks thousands of people using London Underground to spot crime or unsafe situationsMachine learning software scours live CCTV footage to spot aggressive behavior, weapons brandishing and fare evasion. The documents also detail errors made during the trial, such as incorrectly identifying children traveling with their parents as fare evaders.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, cryptocurrency tracking firm Chainaanalysis publish report Ransomware payments were found to exceed $1.1 billion in 2023, the highest annual total ever. There are two reasons for the record-breaking amount of ransom money: the sheer number of ransomware attacks, and the amount of money hackers are demanding from their victims, many of whom are specifically targeted because of their ability to pay and their inability to afford a prolonged outage of service. .

A tech company notorious for hosting sites with far-right and other extreme content online was acquired last year by a secretive company that makes a business of helping build businesses, often in a way that keeps the details of those companies secret, “Wired” reported ThursdayRegistered Agents Inc.’s acquisition of Epik could allow the secretive company to offer its clients another layer of anonymity.

Over the past month, veteran security reporter Matt Burgess Password is no longer used Log into his hundreds of online accounts.Instead he is using master key, a more secure form of authentication that uses a generated code stored on the device to log in to websites and apps through a biometric identifier such as a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN. When it works, it’s seamless and secure. When it doesn’t work, it’s a mess.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to send messages across the app, along with its secure end-to-end encryption. In theory, the move will allow users to chat with people on WhatsApp using apps like Signal or Telegram. It’s unclear which companies, if any, will link maintenance of their services to WhatsApp.

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In the real world, hackers causing power outage, Set fire to steel factoryand released a worm that paralyzed the hospital’s medical records system Across the United States and the UK… So there seems no need to invent new nightmares about them taking over our toothbrushes.

However, when Swiss newspapers allgäu posted a story The story of cybercriminals who infected 3 million connected toothbrushes with malware and then used them to launch a cyberattack that took down a website for four hours and caused millions of dollars in damage is somewhat irresistible of. This week, news outlets around the world picked up on the story, citing sources at cybersecurity firm Fortinet, as a perfect example of how hackers can use the most mundane techniques to carry out epic malicious attacks. “This example that looks like a Hollywood scene has actually happened,” the Swiss newspaper wrote.

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