Hours after gag order suspended, Donald Trump launches tirade against judge and court clerk

former president Donald Trump On Thursday, he launched into a tirade against the judge overseeing his civil fraud trial, just hours after an appeals court suspended a gag order limiting his speech to court staff.

New York Court of Appeals Judge Issue a temporary gag order after it was found to be “unconstitutional”, adding that the suspension would be extended until at least November 27, when a full panel of judges will consider the matter. The gag order was first issued by Judge Arthur Engoron on the second day of the Trump business trial. after the former president launched an attack on a judge’s law clerk.

Trump twice violated the order and was fined $15,000, and Ngolon warned that any further violations would result in severe penalties. The judge defended his ruling, noting that he sought to protect court staff amid hundreds of threatening and anti-Semitic phone calls and letters.

Still, the former president celebrated the temporary pause Thursday.

Trump tweeted: “His ridiculous and unconstitutional gag order, which does not allow me to defend myself against him and his political bias and out-of-control Trump hate clerk, is turning him and his It’s a shame that the courts have sunk to a new low.” His truth social platform. “They are defending Letitia James, the worst and most disrespected attorney general in the United States, who is a disgrace to the world and her illegal witch hunt against me.”

The attacks extended throughout Trump’s orbit, with aides issuing attacks of their own. Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, called Ngolon’s staffer, Allison Greenfield, a “Democratic operative.” The post echoed Trump’s initial attack, leading to the gag order.

Trump added on Thursday that “the evil attack on democracy must end immediately.”

“Judge Ngolon’s radical and unprecedented action will permanently deprive New York State of businesses and jobs. I have done nothing wrong,” he said.


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