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Hot List: ‘Survivor’ Season 46 Welcomes 18 New Castaways, Jennifer Lopez Reflects on Ben Affleck’s 2004 Breakup, Tommy Orange Returns with New Novel ‘Wandering Stars’

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What’s new this week:The torch will be extinguished in the new season survivorJennifer Lopez drops truth bombs in new documentary, and Tommy Orange releases highly anticipated novel.

What to see

Survivor cast.

Cast survivor Season 46. (Robert Watts/CBS Broadcasting)

📺 survivor’s Latest castaways arrive at beach

  • when: survivor Season 46 premieres on CBS on February 28 at 8pm ET and will be available on Paramount+ on February 29.

  • What to know: It’s still there. survivor Returning for Season 46, 18 new contestants will battle wits and wits with each other on the shores of Fiji for the title of “Sole Survivor” and a $1 million prize.

  • Host and reality TV icon Jeff Probst is back at the helm of the show with his signature blue button-down shirt and classic catchphrase.

  • This series may be different than you remember. Matches now last a total of 26 days instead of the traditional 39, meaning gameplay unfolds at an accelerated and almost furious pace.

  • of this season A fascinating new group of players They are a “parent coach” who first applied to the show 20 years ago, a real estate agent with 16 siblings and a man who has dislocated his shoulder 10 times. (Maybe he should trade stories with him) Stephanie LaGrosa)— Lily Herman Yodel Corresponding author

🎥 Narrated by Jennifer Lopez The greatest love story never told

  • when: The greatest love story never told It airs on Prime Video on February 27.

  • What to know: This documentary follows the making of Lopez’s new solo album (This is me… now) and movies (This is me…now: The Love Shopy). However, she showed a vulnerable side that fans of the superstar have never seen before, giving her an in-depth analysis 20 Years of Self-Love Journey.

  • “I’ve been married four times. I’m sure people on the outside looking in are thinking, ‘What’s wrong with this damn girl?'” Lopez opened the doctor’s file. “You’re seeing a compulsion. What I’m portraying to the world is, ‘Oh, it didn’t work out, that’s okay, I’m fine, they’re fine, they’re great, I’m great, all of that is bullshit.'”

  • Ben Affleck, the inspiration for Lopez’s love album, appears throughout the documentary. The two shared some sweet, light-hearted moments while also reflecting on their first breakup. —— Taron Ryder, entertainment reporter

  • read more: Jennifer Lopez on what she would tell herself during first Ben Affleck breakup

📺 To trade or not to trade the island

  • when: deal or no deal island Premieres on February 26 at 9:30 pm ET on NBC and will air on February 27 on Peacock.

  • What to know: The new reality competition show is hosted by Joe Manganiello Success or failure meet survivor – and provide the biggest prizes No deal History: Up to $200 million.

  • This drama is different from the original work Success or failureeach episode contestants try their luck to find a briefcase containing $1 million from 26 briefcases given to them.

  • exist deal or no deal island, 13 contestants will spend an entire season competing for the ultimate prize.Each episode, players will try to get the highest value briefcase to gain immunity and select a companion to enter the Temple, where they must play a high-stakes game Success or failure,” this Series summary readingAt the end of the season, the last remaining player will face off against the Banker.

  • an ex Success or failure Contestant Claudia Jordan is among the contestants – as is survivor Superstar “Boston Rob” Mariano. – Nicole Darrah, News Editor

  • read more: The first male briefcase model in Deal or No Deal Island doesn’t want to be an object, he wants to be a role model.

What to read

Cover of Cover of

The cover of Tommy Orange’s new book, Wandering Star(Random House)

📚 Wandering Star Illuminating trauma through history

  • when: Wandering Star Available for purchase February 27th.

  • What to know: In his new novel, Wandering StarTommy Orange (Cheyenne and Arapaho) follows hugely successful 2018 debut there there Taking readers on a multi-generational journey through Native American history and its devastating impact on the children and grandchildren of the tragedy’s survivors.

  • orange with Sand Creek Massacre of 1864when the U.S. Army raided the Cheyenne and Arapaho communities in Colorado. Killed more than 200 Aboriginal peopleJude Star survives the massacre but is taken to prison where he will be forced to learn English and subvert his identity by a guard who later discovers Carlisle Indian Industrial School — a place where white employees were encouraged to “kill the Indian in him and save the man.”

  • Starr later had a son, who also had to endure life in the Aboriginal residential school system.

  • This intergenerational trauma is absorbed and eventually passed on to other relatives – the ones we met in the Pulitzer finals there there – They live in a modern life filled with violence and addiction. —— Laura Clark, Internet Culture Editor

Gluttony for what?

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders.American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders.

Netflix American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders Premieres February 28 (Netflix).

▶️ Unravel the mystery at the center American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders

  • Time: All four episodes American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders Out on Netflix February 28

  • What to know: After journalist Danny Casolaro’s death in August 1991 was ruled a suicide, filmmakers uncovered an explosive story he had been covering that involved a hidden criminal network Relations with the Reagan Administration.

  • Casolaro’s body was found in a hotel bathtub in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Not only was there blood everywhere in the hotel room, but he told his brother that if anything happened to him, it wouldn’t be an accident.

  • In a four-part documentary series, Casolaro’s friend Christian Hansen and director Zachary Tretz reviewed the reporter’s coverage. They looked through his handwritten notes and contacts, trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. They found Casolaro uncovering suspicious drug deals, unsolved murders, stolen software and other nefarious deeds. Acts allegedly committed by personnel from the CIA and other government agencies during the Reagan administration.

  • Was Casolaro’s death a suicide? Was he killed? That’s what the documentary series asks. —— David Atavia, entertainment reporter

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