‘Home Improvement’ star Patricia Richardson says reboot ‘will be weird’

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.That’s it Patricia Richardson It felt like revisiting one of her most famous roles.

starring opposite richardson Tim Allen On the 90s sitcom Home Improvement, he opened up about rebooting the show in an interview with Home Improvement magazine “Back to the best” Podcast released on Thursday.

The actress, who plays Ellen’s TV wife Jill Taylor, reflected that it was “so weird” to see the news that her former costar was discussing plans to revive the show.

“I heard (Tim) came out publicly and said everyone was at the Home Improvement party. But he never asked me, and he never asked Jonathan (Tyler Thomas), who I talked to. “, Richardson recalled. “So, I called Jonathan one day and said, ‘Has he asked you about this?’ He said, ‘No, why is he going around telling everyone that we all agree and he’s not talking to you or talking to me?

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In 2023, Allen reportedly revealed in an interview with The Courier that he had been brainstorming ideas for a Home Improvement spinoff with his co-stars Richard Kahn (Al Boland), and his television son Thomas (Randy Taylor), Zachary Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor) and Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor).

Allen told the outlet, “One of the conversations we had recently was how weird it would be if ‘Home Improvement’ was about kids’ kids.” entertainment weekly“Like, if they all have kids and I’m the grandparent. ‘Home Re-improvement’ or something like that. It comes up.”

Patricia Richardson explains why she’s not interested in ‘Home Improvement’ reboot

In addition to the alleged Home Improvement reboot, Richardson also addressed previous rumors that she and Allen were starring in a series spinoff starring her character, Jill Taylor, but that she was in December 2023 Posted on X.

“(Tim) lied to people and told them I was on the boat and I didn’t know anything about it,” Richardson said. “So, I wrote a big post on Twitter and just said, ‘I’m Wasn’t involved in any kind of series with Jill, and I was never even asked to do another Home Improvement reunion. But I didn’t want to.

USA TODAY has reached out to Allen’s representatives for comment.

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As for why she’s not enthusiastic about a Home Improvement reunion, Richardson said changes to the show’s key cast — including co-star Bryan’s legal troubles — will make it difficult to recapture the show’s essence. Charged with a felony In February he was arrested in California on suspicion of driving under the influence (his fourth DUI charge) The actor also faces misdemeanor charges of hit-and-run and property damage.

“I mean, Zach is a felon now. Taran hasn’t acted since he left the show; he’s not an actor anymore,” Richardson said, “and Jonathan’s not really interested in acting. He’s Wanted to direct and write. And we didn’t do that without Wilson (played by the late Count Hindman).”

She added: “It’s not going to be a show at all. People think we can magically go back to where we were 30 years ago and do a show 30 years ago, and we’ve all changed a lot.” I think, since then From time to time. This will be weird. “

The show’s legacy needs no additions, Richardson concluded. “We did a good job,” she said. “We exited at the right time before things got really bad, and it should stay that way.”

Contributor: Taijuan Moorman, USA Today

This article originally appeared in USA Today: Patricia Richardson talks ‘Home Improvement’ reboot, co-starring Tim Allen

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