Have an iPhone? 3 Samsung Galaxy S24 travel features that will make you envious

i didn’t realize my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — hair flip — would be the envy of my traveling companions.he proudly have a iPhone 15 Prohe took every opportunity to tell me why his iOS device was better than my “junk Android device.”

However, when life gets real — and I’m talking about using our devices in the wild, whether on a plane or abroad — the iPhone 15 Pro has a hard time keeping up with my, uh, “Android crap.”It turns out that for most people, this is the most convenient device inconvenient Travel obstacles.

Here are three features that make my iPhone 15 Pro travel companion green with envy.

1. “Palm gesture” for hands-free photography

When I arrive in a new country, I certainly want to remember the experience.But, as an introvert, I absolutely disgust I thought about approaching passers-by to take pictures of me.

You can use palm gestures to take hands-free photos on Samsung Galaxy series phones.
Image source: ViChizh/

To test it out, I brought a portable tripod (like this) took photos of me and my travel companions No The problem is, once you place your phone on a tripod and step back a few feet to capture that stunning background, how do you trigger the shutter button?

My iPhone 15 Pro friends have to buy an Apple Watch, which means spending hundreds of extra dollars on it Apple Watch SEFor example, take hands-free photos and trigger the shutter button from your wrist.

On the other hand, I don’t need extra accessories. When I put the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on a tripod, I just use the “palm gesture” (raising my hand up to the camera). It recognized the gesture, and in one split, it took a picture of us.

Oh, if only you could see steam came from the ears of my traveling companion.

2. Use S Pen to communicate with flight attendants

The window seat is the best seat in the cabin (argue with your mom), but it’s also the furthest from the aisle where the flight attendants can ask you questions.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on the table, woman holding S Pen in her hand

You can use the S Pen to jot down drink orders
Photo credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Mashable

This usually means you have to shout to both passengers so the flight attendant knows whether you want black tea, orange juice, soda or coffee.

When my traveling companion had to yell over the plane’s drone to tell the flight attendant which drink he wanted, I just whipped out my S Pen and calmly wrote on the display of my Galaxy S24 Ultra My drink order. (Remember, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the only model in the Galaxy S24 series to feature an S Pen).

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with S Pen in female hand

Photo credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Mashable

Then I showed the scrawled wine list to the stewardess without even raising my voice, and everyone was happy. The flight attendant didn’t have to listen to me, and I didn’t have to shout. .

Oh, you should have seen my traveling companion sigh in frustration.

3. “Galaxy AI” quickly deletes unnecessary objects

Galaxy Artificial Intelligence You guessed it, this is a set of artificial intelligence features released alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in January. It includes cool features like Circle Search (use the S Pen to circle objects in a picture to trigger Google to recognize them) and Chat Assist (when you talk to someone who speaks a different language, artificial intelligence steps in to translate your text).

However, when it comes to taking photos while traveling, you boundary Spoil the shot by having someone or something intervene, whether it’s a stranger’s feet or a bird whizzing by.

In this photo of the “SJO Vive!” sign in Costa Rica, a tourist stands in front of the building. No offense to him; I’m sure he’s a good guy, but we don’t want him in the photo.

Use the slider below. Thanks to the build editor, now you can see him, now you can’t!

SJO signs contract in Costa Rica

now you see them
Photo credit: Jason England

Now you don’t
Photo credit: Jason England

My iPhone 15 Pro travel companion had to download a third-party app or use some kind of photo editing software to delete him.

However, with Galaxy AI’s object eraser feature, I could simply circle the person taking the photo and get him out of there in seconds.

Seethe, iPhone 15 Pro user. Seethe!

final thoughts

But that’s not to say that the iPhone 15 Pro has no advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

For example, I was pissed off when I discovered that you can text your flight number to a friend or any other relative so you can track your flight details including departure and arrival times, flight duration, baggage claim location, etc. etc. (I can’t do this on my phone.)

Beyond that, when traveling, my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra shows me who’s boss among iOS devices. My iPhone 15 Pro traveling companion finds himself envious of my Android phone far more often than he expects. Ha ha!

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