Harry Styles takes a closer look at his bald head and fans are divided: ‘Literally shaking’

Harry Styles’ new look doesn’t sit well with his fans.

The 29-year-old “Golden” singer showed off his new hairstyle up close on Wednesday, as his Pleasing beauty brand posted a photo of his freshly cut hair on Instagram.

The headline read: “Our founder Harry Styles celebrates the launch of Pleasant Fragrance with friends in London. November 2023”; comments were immediately closed.

But that didn’t stop fans going crazy over the confirmation and close-up of the British star’s bald transformation.

“I’m really shaking, please delete this,” one person Tweet“Homie looks like he belongs in a Fast and Furious movie,” another wrote.

one third required He “shaved”, while the fourth even joke That style Delightful sweater “It was made from his shaved hair.”

Some fans begged the singer to “shave it off” after seeing his new haircut.
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Others supported a new beginning, including one writing“Yesterday he looked like a child, today he looks like an uncle.”

“He looks completely different but cool,” another Tweet Diplomatically.

For the first time, this star caused the wrath of fans A quick glimpse of his bald head Last week, he attended a U2 concert with his girlfriend, Taylor Russell.

Styles has previously experimented with cropped looks in My Cop and Don’t Worry Darling, but this marks his shortest cut to date.
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It’s unclear what prompted the change — though some fans suspect a newly released Taylor Swift song that references Styles’ long hair may have played a role.
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While fans are outraged by the news, Styles’ shaving may just be a temporary change ahead of his 30th birthday in February.

Former One Direction member Tested various lengths Over the years, I went from shoulder-length curls to short, loose hair.

Taylor Swift fans even Suspect She referenced Styles’ changing mane in her “1989 (Tyler Version)” song “Now That We Don’t Talk,” which included this line: “You grew your hair long” And, “From the outside, you appear to be trying to survive.”

Maybe he’s just getting ready to enter the new year with a new vibe.

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