Halle Bailey reacts to fan pointing out her ‘pregnancy nose’: ‘Leave me alone!’

Halle Bailey just wants to be left alone amid rumors she’s pregnant with boyfriend DDG.

The actress took to her Snapchat Story on Saturday to respond to a fan’s comment pointing out her “pregnant nose,” and further warned her followers to stop talking about her appearance.

“If I ever see someone talking about my nose again, I’m going to pay dearly,” she said.

“You know why?” she continued, “because I’m black. I love my nose.”

“[What are you] Worried about my nose? do not bother me! “

Although she once again shot down the rumors, the 23-year-old “Little Mermaid” star only showed her face and neck in the film.

Actress Halle Bailey took to her Snapchat Story on Saturday to respond to a fan’s comment about her having a “pregnant nose.”
Halle Bailey/Snapchat
“If I see anyone talking about my nose again, I will pay dearly,” she warned.
Halle Bailey/Snapchat

She’s outright avoided talking about the pregnancy speculation — and fans believe her silence says more.

“She talked about the nose but didn’t tell me the pregnancy part, told me everything I needed to know!” one fan commented below Dark Room repost video.

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Fans have been believing since August that she was expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend DDG.
Halle Bailey/Instagram

“Girl, it’s not just your nose, you have that breathless pregnant voice. 😂” laughed another viewer.

However, a third doubter added, “Stop gaslighting us like we can’t tell you’re pregnant, Halle 😑.”

“We can tell your nose has spread. The same thing happened to us when we were pregnant.”

In October, she fueled pregnancy rumors when she donned an oversized sweatshirt while she and DDG were spotted running errands in Santa Monica.
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Bailey later wore an extra puffy dress to the Glamor Women of the Year Awards in London.
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Rumors surrounding the actress’ pregnancy began when she made a quick appearance on one of her boyfriend’s livestreams in August.

Then, in September, fans accused her of trying to hide her baby bump by wearing a flowy dress. 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

There were people at the event told exclusively to Page Six Bailey seemed particularly wary of being photographed and interacting with her peers.

Bailey and DDG have been dating for about two years.
Halle Bailey/Instagram

“Halle stayed away from the pink carpet so she wouldn’t be photographed, and when she was inside, she was very careful about how she hugged and who she hugged,” they revealed.

The “Forgive Me” singer and DDG also fueled pregnancy rumors in October when they Found errands Together in Santa Monica.

Bailey donned a set of cozy sweatshirts and an oversized hoodie.

She told Vogue in September that the rapper was her “first deep, deep, real love.”
Halle Bailey/Instagram

Then she chose to wear Nicole + Felicia loose dress It also led fans to believe she was hiding a baby bump at the Glamor Women of the Year Awards in London.

The Disney star and DDG have been dating since at least January 2022.

before her tell the cosmopolitan The rapper was her “first deep, true love.”

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