Hades is coming to Netflix

Oh shit: Netflix is ​​bringing Hades Gaming service to be launched in 2024.

Hades is an isometric dungeon crawler roguelike game in which you play as the fiery Zagreus, the prince of Tartarus and the son of Hades, who is trying to escape his father’s domain and travel to the mortal world to find his mother.Before each attempt to escape hell, you choose one of several different weapons, during your journey, the Olympian gods will provide you with favors to help you along the way. If Zagreus dies in the attempt (and he will), he will appear at the beginning – as Lord of Hell and all – to begin his journey. Jailbreak again.

This is just a high level overview and doesn’t make any sense All the charm Supergiant put into this gameOver time, Zagreus develops great relationships with his friends and family, which deepen each time he returns to Hell, leading to some very beautiful, heartbreaking, and funny moments.

The game launched into Early Access on PC back in 2018 and was officially released in 2020 (when it should have won Game of the Year, which I’ll never be mad about), developer Supergiant recently announced 2022 sequelBut the game didn’t come to mobile devices until Netflix.

Unfortunately, the game is only available on iOS. Even though Android users are being left out in the cold, it’s really a good thing that more people have the chance to play this remarkable (and totally robbed!) game.

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