Gypsy Rose Blanchard to undergo plastic surgery to reunite with ex-fiancé

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is starting over.

The convicted felon revealed she will have a nose job during surgery. Her relationship with ex-fiancé Ken Ecker appears to be rekindling.

“I’m currently going through a personal transformation journey, which includes physical transformation,” said Blanchard, 32. tell people Thursday.

The former inmate will undergo rhinoplasty surgery on Friday. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard
“I’m currently going through a personal transformation journey, which includes a physical transformation,” she told People on Thursday. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard

Blanchard – who made headlines last December while still Released from prison for plotting to murder mother Dee Dee Blanchard — asked fans to “wish me luck” and encouraged them to watch the entire process in her upcoming Lifetime documentary “Gypsy Rose: Life After Prison.”

Rhinoplasty surgery is scheduled for Friday in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Blanchard’s close friend Nadiya Vizier told the outlet that her friend was undergoing surgery so she could look “more feminine.”

Blanchard’s news comes less than a month after she debuted a blonde hairstyle. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard
She and Erke also have matching husky tattoos. TMZ

“She said she was a little nervous, but she was excited for it to be done,” Vezier told People. “More than anything, she wanted a more feminine-looking nose. She just wanted to fix it and give it a more feminine look.” It’s a more feminine nose.” Look. “

Vizier encouraged people to “let her live” and “let her experience things” that Blanchard did not do during her seven years in prison.

Blanchard has gone through several transitions since leaving the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri late last year.

Blanchard was recently spotted reconnecting with Ucker. TMZ
The two were recently seen holding hands while grocery shopping. Mega/SplashNews.com
However, Erker’s mother, Raina Williams, told People magazine that the two “are not back together.” Mega/SplashNews.com

In March, she posted a selfie showing off her dye your hair blonde And teased that she “brings back the childhood days that are making a comeback.”

Recently, she revealed that she Has a matching tattoo with Urker Then, later, this pair Design showing black husky dog on their forearms.

The two of them have recently Caught holding hands while running errands Wednesday at a Dollar General restaurant in south Louisiana.

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Despite the apparent reconnection, Eck’s mother Raina Williams tell people The two “have not gotten back together.”

“As of now, there are no romantic plans,” Williams said, adding that her son “is just going to be her supportive friend and that’s it.”

The pair’s reconnection comes less than a month after Blanchard announced her separation from husband Ryan Scott Anderson. Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Facebook
“Unfortunately, my husband and I are separating and I have moved to my parents’ home near the bayou,” she wrote on Facebook last month. Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Facebook

Blanchard and Urker got engaged in October 2018, but Urker broke up with her in early 2020.

Shortly after their breakup, Blanchard began dating special education teacher Ryan Scott Anderson, and they tied the knot in 2022. Blanchard was released in December 2023 and they dated briefly. Enjoy some time in the spotlight before blanchard The separation was announced on March 15.

She wrote on Facebook at the time: “People have been asking me what’s going on with my life. Unfortunately, my husband and I are separating and I have moved into my parents’ home on the bayou.”

The e-book author has since deleted all of her personal social media, so fans will have to tune into her upcoming documentary to get the latest updates on her inner and outer transformation.

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