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Gypsy Rose Blanchard became an overnight sensation after being released from prison. does it worth?

gypsy rose blanchard Everywhere It feels like the moment you get out of prison.

At the age of 32, he spent Seven years in prison She is believed to be a victim of Munchausen-mediated child abuse, a psychological disorder in which a caregiver makes someone sick (or appear sick) in order to get attention.

Blanchard has been a tabloid figure since news of her arrest broke nearly ten years Before. Her case was covered in a 2017 HBO documentary Mom is dead and dearest and adapted into a 2019 Hulu limited series titled bill. Everyone knows Blanchard’s story, but even though she’s speaking for herself in prison, she’s not the one in charge of her own narrative.

When Blanchard is released from prison on December 28, 2023, she and her team have Established a fan circle On TikTok and Twitter (now X), her supporters call her “queen” and “mother” — words commonly used to describe favorite pop stars. She has over 1 million followers on social media, where she frequently posts about the hottest pop stars. Mundane aspects of her life, such as her attire and her prison husband, Ryan Anderson.

Blanchard’s resurgent star also transcends the Internet.She has appeared in high-profile television shows ranging from landscape arrive 20/20and magazine cover Like “People”.She has filmed two documentaries for Lifetime, including the upcoming Gypsy Rose: Life after lockdown.

Yahoo Entertainment’s attempts to contact Blanchard for comment were not immediately successful.

Anna Grace Du Noyer, PR Strategist and Owner intense mediatold Yahoo Entertainment that Blanchard’s choice to speak out about her experience and appear on multiple shows may be “not to grab the spotlight, but to reclaim her narrative.”

She said: “Engagement with the media was her first real opportunity to express her truth, unfiltered and unmanipulated. The public’s voracious appetite for her story meant silence was not only golden, but also suspect.”

After three months of freedom, Blanchard’s life looks very different now.She announced her split from Anderson, who has been a constant presence in interviews and on her social media accounts, in a March 28 Facebook post acquired by people.

“People have been asking me what’s going on with my life. Unfortunately, my husband and I are separating and I have moved into my parents’ home on the bayou,” she wrote. “I have the support of my family and my friends who are helping guide me through this. I’m learning to listen to my heart. Now I need time for myself to find… who I am.”

Blanchard also deleted her public social media profiles. She said in a video posted to her private social media account, The Daily Mail received She chose to delete her public profile “without any trouble at all.”

“Someone said to me, ‘You’re crazy for deleting followers like that,’ and I was like, ‘I can give the fans an F,'” she said in the post. “This is not real life.”

Grace McCormick, Founder Forager PRtold Yahoo that the pressure to create a carefully curated online persona can exacerbate relationships beneath the surface.

“While the initial outpouring of support may have given her strength, it also exposed her to intense public scrutiny and pressure,” she said.

While Blanchard may have felt an outpouring of support after her initial press conference after her release from prison, what she did after the incident would impact how she lived her life for the rest of her life.

Cassaundra Kalba, Senior Publicist Society22 PRtold Yahoo that the impact extended media exposure can have on people who are not used to it “cannot be overstated.” For Kalba, Blanchard’s decision to withdraw from public life “was not so much a sign of breakdown. Said it was a claim against the agency.

“exist [her] “In situations like this, taking the time to focus on personal growth and recovery is not only understandable but commendable,” she said. “This reflects a mature decision that puts her well-being and personal development ahead of her continued appetite for satisfying the public’s curiosity.”

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