‘Gutfield!’ Gang gushed about Bernie Sanders breaking down Senate fight: ‘Could have been a great president!’ | Video

The “Gutfeld!” gang is the political polar opposite of the senator, who calls himself a socialist. Bernie SandersBut the Fox News late-night panel generally praised the Vermont congressman’s handling of a near-fight at the U.S. Capitol.

When Oklahoma Sen. Mark Wayne Mullin launched into a brawl with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien during a heated hearing, San Des holds the gavel. The 82-year-old used only his voice to force a halt to the escalating tough rhetoric. The sound stopped two tough-talking competitors from fighting.

“You’re going to love old Sanders!” host Greg Gutfield “He would have been a great president.” No irony.

“He won the battle!” responded regular panelist Kate Timpf. “You know what’s crazy? … Bernie Sanders won the battle, but he didn’t stand up, he didn’t even Not looking up, okay? He didn’t even break a sweat.”

Actress and comedian Chandler Juliet, a guest panelist on Wednesday night’s show, called the exchange “funny” and gave all the credit to Sanders: “Bernie really shut it down ”

The only dissent came from “Gutfeld!” regular Tyrus, a former professional wrestler himself, who said Saunders should let them duel.

“When the guy said, ‘You want to handle this here,’ he had nowhere to go. … If I were in the Senate, no, no, no, let them fight. We solved some problems tonight, That’s the end of it… when so-called senators and congressmen get up here and can’t fix this, cool, fight to the death, let’s go.”

This being Fox News, someone had to take a dig at the representative of the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, “Fox Crossing America” ​​host Jimmy Failla: “I have a theory,” he said. “Bernie he’s just breaking it up so he can sell fight tickets so he can show how capitalism leads to violence.”

Watch the entire exchange (including Sanders’ masterclass on demotion) in the video clip above.

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