Guardiola says Liverpool are favorites to win Premier League title

Guardiola says Liverpool are now favorites to win the Premier League title with nine games remaining after Manchester City’s goalless draw with Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium.

Liverpool came from behind to defeat Anfield 2-1 Brighton Earlier in the day, Jurgen Klopp’s side were two points ahead of Arsenal and three Championship sides. With just 27 points remaining for both sides, Guardiola was asked if Liverpool were now in the lead.

“Yes. It’s always who’s first, who’s the most popular, who’s second arsenal We are third,” the manager said.

Asked if he was worried that City might not have a chance to catch Liverpool, Guardiola said: “It’s not in our hands. All we can do is think about Aston Villa.” [on Wednesday].If you’re at the top of the league – like we were – then you’re the most popular.

“Obviously we preferred to win. We got this. A tight game. I give credit to my team and I’m proud. They tried. Our intention was there. We’ll see what happens. .We need to renew our minds and legs before Aston Villa [on Wednesday]”.

This is the first time in 57 games that Manchester City has failed to score at home. Following Arsenal’s 1-4 loss to Manchester City in the corresponding match last season, Mikel Arteta Praising the team’s development but admitting they may need to win to become champions.

“We’re improving, we’re competing better, we’re learning how to compete in these games,” the head coach said. “To win the championship, there is one more step, and that is you have to win. Today we were able to draw and we have to improve a lot to win.”

Arteta was asked if taking a point would be a good result for Arsenal’s title hopes. “I don’t know,” he said, “you want to win the game. You prepare to win the game. If you can’t win the game, make sure you tie it. We did. We were here eleven months ago and the story was very different. You have to take steps as a team and today we did that. We have more to do. You can’t be completely happy [with a point].

“It creates belief [today’s result]. It continues the momentum and good position we’re in. The fact that the boys are there, they want more, they make individual demands on themselves, saying: “I could have done better, but I haven’t done it yet” like when we train – — which tells you how much the kids want it. We will do our best to continue what we are doing.

back Arsenal reversed course to win 1-0 in October, they have now prevented Manchester City from scoring a goal this season. “Yeah, great. It’s very difficult to do that,” Arteta said. “It shows you the commitment of each player, the discipline they show and the way they compete. One thing is playing football and another is competing. We did a great job today. “

Arsenal used the low post to stop Manchester City. Guardiola joked when asked what the solution was. “Kill one man. Use nine men to kick the ball,” he said. “They defended well and a lot – around Erling [Haaland].So be patient and find the pass. They defend well with a lot of men. There are different ways. They did a great job pressing and behind the block. No matter how many players you guard, the main goal is not to concede. “

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Arsenal also slowed the game down, although Guardiola refused to criticize the visitors. “It’s not my job. I control my team and I don’t know about the rest. There’s nothing to say about the referee – Anthony Taylor must be happy because nothing went wrong. “Normally when the referee That’s what happens when players become more important. The referees are really good. It doesn’t matter,” he said.

Bernardo Silva is optimistic about Manchester City’s prospects of defending their title again. “A lot of things can happen,” said the midfielder, “right now we don’t rely on ourselves, we now rely on Liverpool and Arsenal because we don’t play against them again, so we need them to drop points while doing Do our jobs well and win our own games.

“Today is a different [Arsenal] Team, more experienced. “

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