Give me publicity or give me death

A month later, the world saw images of mass graves in Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, with dead limbs sticking out of the sand. One morning, outside our building, on an old brick wall that had previously been empty, a fresh message was written on the paint still wet: “Russians, go home.” My boyfriend went back to Russia to get Europe Visa and promised to come back in a month, but he never came back.

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I spent The rest of the year is moving: Cyprus, Estonia, Norway, France, Austria, Hungary, Sweden. I went where I had friends. The independent Russian media I had been consuming also went into exile, establishing operations where they could. TV Rain started broadcasting in Amsterdam. Meduza moves Russian division to Europe.newspaper new paper, co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitry Muratov, has reopened in Latvia. Former BBC Russia correspondent Farida Rustamova launches a new app called Substack Faridali, where she began publishing information from Kremlin insiders. Reporters from the independent news website Vital Stories, which published the names and photos of Russian soldiers involved in the murder of civilians in a Ukrainian village, traveled to the Czech Republic. These sites, along with 247,000 others, were blocked at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, but are still accessible via VPN in Russia.

“In the first days of the war, everything was shrouded in fog,” said Ilya Krasilshchik, the former publisher of “Meduza” who later founded the help desk, which combined news media and help lines for people affected by the war. “We feel we have a responsibility to educate people about what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine, documenting the hell of despair and powerlessness they go through. But we also want to express our sympathy for all the people who are caught in the meat grinder.” Tayshia Bekbulatova is Meduza , a former special correspondent and founder of the news outlet Holod, told me, “In nature, you find parasites that can force the host to act in the parasite’s self-interest, and I believe propaganda works in much the same way.” Why we believe it is our responsibility to provide people with more information. “

I wanted to continue my journalism, but Russian publications no longer hired me. My application for a Latvian humanitarian visa as an independent journalist was denied and I did not have the means to pay the fees in or to the United States. British Talent Visa.

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